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How Project Management Software Wins You Loyal Clients

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A prime place for clients to drop off in your business is at the briefing stage. They send a request for a new design and then they are left in the dark waiting for the first draft. Some projects involve a range of tasks and an email chain doesn’t offer clear visibility of the simultaneous projects that need to be finalised by a certain deadline. 

Project management software like is built to host members from different departments and clients from external businesses, all in one workspace. Tasks are woven into schedules and artwork can be viewed at all stages so that your customers are consistently kept in the loop.

When it comes to retaining customers, clients are more likely to return  if their project was handled well and the experience was smooth-sailing.. So, how does project management software like help win you repeat business?

1. Quality Solutions + Less Roadblocks = Higher CSAT

Briefings usually happen on forms, emails and in-person meetings. Consultations allow your clients to request the services they need including expected deadlines. The stage where proofs or quotes are sent through email can be a pain point for clients. Images, ideas and general communications are hard to keep up with when they’re tangled in an endless email thread. Delivering proposals in a digestible format is a huge time saver and increases satisfaction when customers are able to view several designs, proposals and stages in one platform. 

Online project management software like organises briefs so that they can be opened and collapsed into compact segments  with links and files attached. Clients  receive a wealth of information on one page, rather than depending on different platforms and softwares to see the vision. 

Meeting the needs of the client all in one centralised place improves their experience in a competitive market. Management software that supports communication of solutions in a multidisciplinary way also increases accessibility for clients of different needs.

2. Making feedback fun

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A great way to build loyalty is by making the feedback process as easy as possible. Though some brands launch their feedback forms as a separate entity, conversations on encourage clients to add their ideas in a way they know will be understood and clear to read.

3. Everybody wants to work with well-informed team members

Clear communication between senior management and employees equips team members with the knowledge they need to develop the project in order to satisfy the customer. They can learn from their mistakes and provide a better service to their clients by providing quality attention.

The visibility of project activity within management software gives greater opportunities for collaboration across your team or organisation. Social media marketers can display their new posts for the marketing team to proofread and spot any errors in the artwork. Along with good feedback, team members can analyse their previous work through archived items or from feedback collected in built-in forms.

4. Activity tracking

‘Last edited’ and ‘Seen’ features on support a transparent work environment that is reflected in the quality of the solutions you deliver. Team members working on the same projects are able to view the dates and times that files are uploaded, ensuring they’re updating the clients with the latest brand packs or supporting documents for cases.

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If a colleague has not seen the comment, this will be clear to the team.

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Last activity for comments are accurate to the minute.

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5. Maintain an agile outlook

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With a large pool of clients, good organisation is key. Management software welcomes creative methods of arranging your client enquiries by their access needs or in some cases, the stakes. If full work capacity is reached, projects can be rearranged based on numerical or intensity value. Serious complaints can be automated to send reminders so that they are resolved sooner and not left for the the clients to chase.

6. Real-time project transparency

Shareable boards on provide the opportunity for your team to give your client access to the progress of the project. This means a member of an external business can be sent an invitation to view each stage of the project and tasks completed. They can also see documents and images attached and leave comments or suggestions so that they don’t build up complaints down the line.

Milly Gladstone from Interactive workshops shares how software is used when dealing with bigger clients:

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“it’s helpful for them to see at a glance the status of each project that we’re working on….they might take a file, add some comments and reattach it. It’s helpful for us to have them edit the board. We haven’t had any difficulties of clients getting to grips with it [].”

- Milly Gladstone

Online access works especially well for clients that don’t regularly  check their emails or chase information. As Chris Lassaman from Interactive Workshops observed:

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“Some clients want all the detail, some don’t. Some want the microdetail of every sub asset everything to review…One of the advantages we found was not having to create another spreadsheet or report for the client”

- Chris Lassaman

If you’re using project management software to liaise with your clients through the stress and success, it’s important to use the features to match the preferences of your client. It’s worth creating project templates in advance that they can agree to, whether they are colour- coordinated or lists built around dates and numbers. Remember – when the project is wrapped up, you can always ask for feedback about your project management style.

To start a trial or book a consultation with us, view this page here with all of the information you need. 

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