5 monday.com apps you need to transform your remote working

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Do you want to achieve genuine collaboration across your remote teams? We have identified five apps on the monday.com Apps framework that will ease your remote working experience while increasing your productivity. 

1. Whiteboard

The first app to recommend to your remote team is Whiteboard. This app provides a shared collaborative space where your teams can brainstorm and create together. No matter where you are, you and your team can collaborate in real-time. You can then export your ideas and add them to your monday.com board, allowing you to keep track of your process from brainstorming to execution. 

2. Image Annotations

Take your teamwork one step further with image annotations. You no longer need to upload files, download, comment, save, and re-upload. You can now comment and edit directly on your monday.com platform, letting you work with your team within your images so that everyone stays in the loop from start to finish. 

3. Online Docs

With the Online docs app, you can view the content from other websites without leaving your monday.com account. You and your team can collaborate easily on any documents and add all your comments right from monday.com. You can integrate your workflows easier by viewing documents from Google Drive, One Drive, Microsoft and more within the monday.com platform. That means fewer tabs and downloaded documents and more streamlined work processes. 

4. Board Pivot

Need a solution to centralise all your data? The board pivot app allows you to create pivot tables quickly to gain an understanding of important metrics from your favourite tools such as Zendesk, Slack, Microsoft Office, and more. You can keep all your data in one centralised place and manipulate it the way you want. 

5. Working Status

Managing your remote team is now easier thanks to the work status app. The feature allows you to track the operational statuses of all the users on your board or account. You can easily visualise your team’s availability so you can see who is remote working, out of the office, etc.

monday.com is ready to transform your remote working with its bespoke apps. 

Contact our monday.com team to learn more.

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