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MinaLima Success Story

Uniting their design, production and retail arms with enable's expertise.

About the company

MinaLima, based in London, Soho, design, create and offer bespoke merchandise based on the Wizarding World, as well as a range of classic stories such as Alice In Wonderland and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. 

Mina Lima's storefront

MinaLima struggled with silos. It needed a professional services partner to work its magic.

While managing its design, retail and prodcution areas of the business, MinaLima found that its teams were working in silos, creating constant communications and project blockers.

It adopted and found an opening to removing the logjam. But its champion Cyrille knew that they were only scratching the surface of the platform's possibilities with their projects too.

They needed a professional partner to cast their spell and unleash their true potential with it, and so they contacted

What they needed: advanced know-how

I think the main thing is that because we grow so fast, I needed structures, I needed things I didn't have before, like timesheets, to understand how long we were spending on specific projects, to understand how to price the next project. We didn't have these with any tools previously.

Cyrille Charro, Creative Operation Manager, MinaLima
THE SOLUTION Purpose-built flows that work for everyone

Led by our manager of Alex, enable worked with MinaLima to identify the structure of its operations, and then implement a solution that allowed each arm of the business to thrive together.

Where previously each area required emails and calls to monitor and agree output, Alex worked to make the company more collaborative. Each sector has the boards they need, but with the transparency to maintain clean and clear management of all their projects.

After completing the initial restructuring, we continued to work with Cyrille and his team to develop improvements that facilitated better management through the company's period of growth and beyond.

Projects now have greater clarity and and reporting to allow MinaLima to take full control of its work.

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