CRM for manufacturing

Are you a manufacturing company with a complex sales cycle? Keep all of your processes in one place with a customisable CRM. 

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    tools for your sales team

    Save time, sell more

    Whether you're a large manufacturer working with a wholesaler or an independent business selling your products through e-commerce sites, increase sales with a fully functional CRM.

    • Analyse buying patterns
    • Create time-saving automations
    • Track your customer journey
    AI-driven sales predictions
    Lead management
    sales team on a meeting

    streamline operations

    Manage every aspect of your supply chain stock image

    Inventory and orders

    Manage stock and order history to create a detailed and accurate production plan.

    manufacturing supply chain gif

    Centralise processes

    Keep all of your complex data in one place and manage every aspect of your business. stock image

    Improve product quality

    Use customer feedback and support tools to manufacture high-quality products.