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Designed for manufacturing, wholesale and distribution businesses, sales-i provides AI-powered sales recommendations to prevent your team from missing potential opportunities.


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    analyse customer's buying patterns

    sales-i has all the answers

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    What have I sold you?

    Dive into customer's order history and detect their most common purchases. team member stock image

    What haven't I sold you?

    Spot cross-selling opportunities by comparing what customer's buy to what they don't. 

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    What should I sell you?

    Use predictive alerts to discover the products customers are most likely to purchase.

    ai-powered predictions

    Detects opportunities your sales team could be missing

    sales-i uses data from your ERP system to predict potential opportunities based on customer's buying habits.

    Missed opportunities
    Potential opportunities

    Forget manual efforts, sales-i tells you what products you could sell, who you should sell to and how likely they are to purchase using AI and Machine Learning.

    Use SALES-I IN SUGArcrm

    Connects with your CRM

    Want to see predictive sales alerts on your CRM? sales-i captures product, price, quantity and frequency intelligence from your ERP and adds it to SugarCRM. So, you can view and control sales-i's advanced analytics on your Sugar dashboard.

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