Our interview with MinaLima

We visited Cyrille from MinaLima to discuss how our monday.com professional services team helped their ✨magical✨ business organise their workflow. Read the interview between Cyrille and our in-house monday.com expert, Alex to learn how we helped build their structure and processes. 🪄

About MinaLima

Cyrille from Mina Lima smiling whilst sitting on a sofa

Cyrille, could you describe your position here at MinaLima?

I’m a Creative Operation Manager, so, on one side, I deal with all the clients and negotiating contracts, and on the other side, I manage our designer’s workflows.

That seems busy! Could you describe MinaLina and what the company is about?

We are a design studio. We create content and books. Our art printerium drives our retail arm. We create digital assets for people in different companies, but downstairs we have a shopfloor.

Getting to know monday.com

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In terms of monday.com, why did you first start looking into using the product?

Pre-COVID, we had maybe six or eight designers. As Studio Manager at the time, I realised we didn’t have anything to keep all of our information in the same place. We didn’t have any processes, workflows, or anything to help us manage our work. 

Because we were growing, we started doing some research to find a platform which could help us project manage and we found monday.com. We started using it ourselves but we didn’t really understand its full potential.

What did you guys do to try and help you with monday.com?

I did some research on help with monday.com. But there was no real customer services at that level because we only had 10 licenses at the time. So, we tried to look for professional experts who could explain monday’s capabilities and that’s when we came across enable.services and decided to give it a try.

Working with enable.services

Inside the Mina Lima store, blue fairy lights

So, in terms of what enable offered, what did we do for you? How did our services work for you?

For me, as a Creative Op, I wanted help building structures and processes within monday.com. And for the board and team, with everyone having access to enable, everyone received a bit of training and understanding at a personal level – so they can create their own boards for specific projects.

What has been the benefit since working with enable.services? What have you been able to do with monday that has helped MinaLima internally?

Because we grow so fast, I needed structures, I needed things that I didn’t have before, like timesheets to understand how long we were spending on specific projects to understand how to price the next projects. We created that with the help of enable, so now I know I can look at reports and understand how to price the next project and how much to quote a client.

How has it been working with enable on a consultancy basis?

Working with other consultants on other things [outside of enable.services], I found it difficult to not have a follow-up with the same person. Working with enable, for me, having a single point of call is almost perfect because we can just get on with it. If I had to start it again, I would do it again with enable.

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