Why your business needs a VoIP phone system

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Fast and effective communication has become critical over the last few years. As teams have been forced to separate, businesses rely on the internet more than ever to bring their teams together. In the dynamic world of communication, it can be hard to think about how your customers should be able to contact you and how we should manage that communication with our customer base. 

Bringing together the outdated concept of a landline and the powers of the internet is VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol). This type of system acts very much like a telephone with one big difference: it uses the internet to make the call, just like how apps such as WhatsApp do.

Why should I switch to VoIP?

It’s a good question, why would you want to give up your old phone system and replace it with a new, internet-based system? 

Well, a VoIP system can be used anywhere. It can be used on a physical handset in the office, on your computer as a soft phone allowing you to make calls at the click of a button, while also being accessible on mobile devices. It offers flexibility and convenience which you may have been lacking with your old phone system. 

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But that’s not all. Typically such a system can save a business up to 50% on their monthly phone bill, meaning it’s good for your pockets too.

Along with these advantages, a VoIP system offers a wider range of features that can maximise your phone systems capabilities. Enjoy features such as call queueing for when times become a little busier than usual, on-demand call recording so you can listen back on any details you might have missed, and automatic call distribution to make sure everyone shares the workload evenly. Your employees will have a more controlled and meaningful contact system with your customer base.

How does a VoIP system integrate with CRM software?

VoIP systems can log and record your calls into a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and other business systems automatically via integrations. Companies can often find themselves struggling with centralising data, holding back growth and spending mountains of time and effort making sure employees are on the same page. The ability to integrate your communication system into your CRM software, such as SugarCRM, means any outgoing or incoming calls are identified against records and logged onto the appropriate account. This means less time manually inputting data and more time closing deals.

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As VoIP operates over the internet, the service can be used anywhere in the world providing you have a connection to the internet. With VoIP on the go, you can log business calls wherever you are on your mobile device. This is perfect if you are managing a remote sales team, allowing you to track your team’s calls, length of the calls and even what was discussed in that call, alerting you to who is managing their workload successfully and who may need some motivation to pick up on their performance.

Having full integration with your CRM means real-time tracking of calls as well as when information is updated about a case, lead, or deal. Everyone can view the information whenever they need, all in one global, connected environment meaning you can keep track of your team’s remote calls.

What’s special about enableVoice?

Here at enable, we offer a fast and efficient VoIP service, whatever the size of your business.

enableVoice can save you up to 50% against traditional phone systems, with prices starting from £8.50 per month. Installation is quick and easy with swift, dedicated ongoing support from our dedicated helpdesk team.

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If you think this sort of system is something your company would be interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at enable by filling out the contact form here, or by emailing us at info@enable.services. And of course you can reach us through our own VoIP phone system on 01473 618980 where we will be more than happy to help you on your exploration to a simpler, better connected phone system.

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