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When it comes to managing your team’s workflow, it can be challenging to measure their engagement, effectiveness, and overall motivation. Uncertainty about whether they’re making the most out of the system, utilising it effectively, or even wanting to use it at all, can lead to lack of motivation and even construct a negative impact on team morale. Luckily, with you can effortlessly track your team’s usage patterns, interaction with the system, and most importantly, monitor their willingness to engage with it.

So, where do you start?

The key lies in’s unparalleled customizability, serving as the foundations of
monday’s versatility. By tailoring the workspace
to match unique workflow preferences and board layouts, teams can feel empowered and inspired by working to their tastes and preferences.

1. Customise shared and personal boards

One of the first and arguably most crucial customizations you’ll encounter on is boards. These boards breathe life into your workflow, serving as visual representations of all the tasks and projects your team is tackling within a specific timeframe. They allow you to categorise tasks, set deadlines, and maintain tight organisation of everything which needs to be accomplished.

Below is an example of a board. The personal board showcases individual upcoming tasks which need to be completed. Keeping track of the status and target dates of your tasks is all part of using for personal use. The ability to create individual boards alongside team boards enables team members to track personal responsibilities while also contributing to the success of shared projects. This dual functionality ensures accountability at both the individual and team levels, fostering a collaborative and efficient work environment.👨💻

When it comes to customising boards on, the possibilities are endless. From adding columns and changing colours to editing views and utilising averaging capabilities, offers a robust and user-friendly work operating system for your entire team.

But wait, there’s more! Ever feel like you’re banging your head against the wall or craving a fresh perspective on your tasks? lets you view your workflow in multiple ways, including the innovative timeline view and the comprehensive Gantt chart view. These options provide deeper transparency into your workload and offer a much-needed change of scenery from the usual rows of tasks waiting to be completed.

Screenshot of Gantt chart in

2. Automating your workflow

The next highly customisable feature that packs a punch on the platform is automations. By setting up pre-defined rules within each board, you unlock the power to automatically move tasks, create new ones, archive outdated items, and much more – all with the magic of automations. Implementing these automations not only simplifies everyday tasks for you and your team but also boosts motivation to fully embrace and utilise the system. After all, who doesn’t appreciate when things are made just…easier?

Here are just a few examples of the incredible capabilities of automations: 

Imagine receiving a timely notification a day before a project is due, precisely when things start to get hectic. With, this is effortlessly handled for you every single time.

Screenshot showing automations on

To delve deeper into the potential of automations within, check out our latest blog post here, where we provide detailed insights into what can be achieved with automations and offer a step-by-step guide on creating rules to enhance your team’s workflow. 💻

3. Collaborate with your entire team

The importance of collaboration when using cannot be emphasised enough. Being a live work operating software, monday thrives when all people involved in projects collaborate as and when they need to, providing updates and keeping on top of tasks so others can follow.

For boards to work well and for all the cogs to turn together, every member must keep up-to-date with moving items to the correct status and entering the correct information. For example, it is always good practice to move each item on the board into the correct status group. In the example below, items are being moved from new, being proofed or, into good to go. Making sure everyone keeps this information updated, increases motivation for users to stay engaged with the system and makes for a more streamlined user experience, for the whole team. 🤝

4. Keep track of your team's progress

As already discussed, it is vital to keep a track of what your team are up to. The “last viewed” feature on keeps teams accountable and engaged by showing when members last interacted with the board. It ensures everyone stays active and updates group projects, keeping everyone in the loop.

In addition to the “last viewed” feature,’s “activity” section on boards offers a granular view of changes made within tasks. This comprehensive feature not only highlights alterations but also pinpoints exactly what was modified, down to the specific text, along with who is responsible for each change. This detailed tracking provides teams with a helpful and effective overview, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the project’s life. With this level of insight, teams can easily track progress, resolve disagreements, and maintain clarity when it comes to task updates. 🕙

5. Stay organised with communication

Keeping organised can be a challenge, especially when it comes to our endless list of to-dos. Getting the most out of is all about staying organised and keeping on top of things the best you can.

Things can get busy and even confusing at times, that is if you don’t keep up with your workload and things begin to run away with you! Organisation is a vital part of the business process and something which boards, automations and notifications on can do is help you and your team to stay organised. serves as a powerful tool for maintaining organisation, particularly evident in its ability to centralise projects under one roof. Take, for instance, the scenario of planning a project for May 2024. How can you ensure that all tasks are carefully tracked, deadlines are met, and task details are clearly defined? Enter one of’s standout features: subcategories. Within each main task below, (“Create branding”, “25th May event”, and “order merch”) a series of sub-items are organised.

This structure ensures that every task is thoroughly outlined and categorised, reducing the risk of overlooking important details or leaving tasks until the last minute.

With every task and its sub-tasks neatly arranged and easily accessible, provides the foundation for effective organisation, allowing users to stay on top of their projects with confidence. 🗃️

Screenshot of a project board with items and sub-items organised

6. Inspire user adoption

Finally, user adoption and the willing nature a user has towards a given software is often something which is talked about when people are trying to get the most out of Making sure your team (and in some cases entire company) are willing and open to the adoption and learning curve of transitioning to a new software is something which can often go unnoticed with larger organisations, leaving some team members feeling deflated and forgotten about.

Ensuring your team feels comfortable and content with the systems can significantly enhance productivity, boost adoption rates, improve user satisfaction, and cultivate a happier and more efficient workforce. This shift from working against the software to working collaboratively with it is transformative. Thanks to the user-friendly interface of, the onboarding process and subsequent use post-adoption are smooth and stress-free. 💡

Here at enable, we have a dedicated and approachable team of professionals who excel at facilitating change and simplifying the experience for your team. We prioritise ensuring the transition is as seamless as possible, guaranteeing a positive and productive experience for all involved.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding We’re here to assist you every step of the way and ensure your journey with is as seamless as can be💪


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