Creative Jam saves Creative Jam a day in a month by automating and organising business processes.

About the company

Creative Jam is a creative agency based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, specialising in video production, animation, web design and graphic design.

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As Creative Jam grew in size, so did the number of spreadsheets to manage

The design industry moves and changes on a daily basis, and so does managing clients.

This meant that as they grew, Creative Jam's juggling act of client projects and monthly invoices was becoming a tough challenge.

With more time and energy required to process jobs and manage projects in traditional spreadsheets, and invoicing manually with Xero, the team needed a solution to bring down their overall workload.

What they needed: expert help

Because I'm a designer, I needed something that was going to be easy to spot where everything is, and everything was sectioned up into easy to see chunks. Visually, was really appealing. So I gave it a shot and built something on my own, but I needed some extra help.

Matt Hulbert, founder of Creative Jam
THE SOLUTION Simplifying the workflow, automating the invoicing

Working closely with Matt and the Creative Jam team, a solution was made bespoke to them.

A project board was created to manage the progress made on all client work, structured to amalgamate all the previously used spreadsheets into one place. This highlighted collaborative efforts with the team to bring better efficiency.

Then, after the workflow was in place, a custom integration using was created to connect with their accounting software Xero. A simple button sends a client's details and costs to Xero and generates an invoice automatically.

According to Matt, he's saved a day a month from the new automated process, meaning more time for clients and his team.

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Matt Hulbert
Everyone at enable was super helpful, understood my needs, and really listened to what we needed as a business.
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