5 telltale signs it's time to hire a monday.com consultant

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From the outside, monday.com looks like a piece of cake! It’s engaging, colourful and easy to use when it comes to creating items and boards. But once you’re past creating personal tasks and you’re expanding into customising team workspaces and setting-up automations, things can become a little bit more complicated…

If you’re already paying for multiple licences and want to improve project management across departments, you’ll want to make sure your team is making the most out of monday.com. This is why businesses big and small hire monday.com consultants to help them create perfect workspaces for every department. 

Keep reading to learn the reasons why a monday.com consultant might be something you need to transform the way you use monday.com.

1. Your team doesn't use monday.com

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There’s nothing worse than paying for a platform that doesn’t get used. The lack of interaction may encourage you to cancel your subscription or try out a similar system with hopes that it will appeal to your team. 

There could be many reasons why your team is not interacting with monday.com. Either they lack training on the system, they’re stuck in their ways or their workspaces haven’t been customised to suit their style of work, prompting the notion that they “don’t like” their new platform when in reality, it just hasn’t been set up properly.

Implementing any new system in a workplace is hard work and it gets even trickier for businesses with multiple departments. But with a monday.com consultant on your side, your team will be trained and assisted in no time, with bespoke advice provided whenever they need. Your team will go from constantly closing the monday.com tab, to not being able to start their work day without it!

2. You like monday.com but don't know what it can do

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It’s not hard to see why people love monday.com! It’s colourful, interactive and once set up efficiently, it becomes a daily essential to manage workload and communicate with your team. So, are you one of those people that have started a free trial, like the look of the system, but just don’t know where to go from there? 

It happens often with clients that come to enable services, and we’re always here to lend a helping hand. Hitting a wall with a system as complex as monday.com is very common, and consultants are there to help you break down the barriers and make your dreams a digital reality! So, if you know exactly what you need in your system to run operations but simply can’t bring it to life, a consultant will solve all your problems.

3. You require face-to-face training

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Online training is all well and good but for some of us, it’s impossible to digest text-heavy, online documents. And while monday.com is excellent for online support, your team may require a more interactive form of teaching so that they can see the platform in action and practise using it themselves.

monday.com consultants provide a range of training sessions to help you get familiar with the project management platform, and there’s a lot to cover! enable.services offers basic training workshops for beginners, jam-packed with engaging demos and chances for trainees to get involved. And, once you’ve learnt the basics, you can move onto the next step: advanced training, where our experts go through automations, integrations and reports – perfect for more experienced users.

4. You're not utilising monday.com to its full potential

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Looking into automations, complex reports and formulas can be mind boggling to say the least, and sometimes you’ve had enough trying to figure everything out for yourself – don’t sacrifice your daily duties fighting with monday.com.

What’s great about enable.services’s consultancy is that not only can we configure your ideal platform, but we will also show you the way. You won’t find yourself lost ever again in achieving your monday.com goals. So while we engineer solutions to your complex problems and start building, you can focus on the work that matters the most.

5. You need an expert opinion

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Have you been spending hours on end creating beautiful boards and automations for your team with little to no experience? Sometimes you just need a second opinion from an expert, and if you don’t already have a champion of monday.com in-house, you might need to seek external assistance. 

Reassurance is key, and it’s nice to know when you’re on the right track and sometimes even better to hear how your platform can be taken a step further. While monday.com’s support documents are helpful for simple solutions, when it comes to customisation, you’re left to your own devices, and a monday.com consultant can be a real-life support service to guide you through your journey!

Think a monday.com consultant is what you need? Contact our professional services team to book a free consultation and get on the right path to productivity! 

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