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Leading Norwegian telecom company NextGenTel saves millions by switching to SugarCRM

About the company

NextGenTel, a leading Norwegian provider of broadband and content services, was facing a big challenge. Over the years, they had come to use several different systems for sales pipeline, customer service, delivery logistics and invoicing.

the problem

NextGenTel needed an integrated platform to run sales pipeline

With a tight deadline, NextGenTel were seeking a single integrated platform to automate processes and run sales, delivery, invoicing and customer service.

THE process

“360-degree discovery analysis"

" kicked off with a 360-degree discovery analysis workshop. They took a deep analysis of the vital processes in our business to understand how we could work smarter and automate processes. Based on this, they created a clear strategy and successfully phased the implementation for the SugarCRM platform.

I’m sure this couldn’t have been done without’ Nordic partner, Kristian af Sandeberg’s extraordinary ability to help solve the obstacles in our way. He has a great skillset and understanding of different cultures to communicate with all kinds of employees" - Lasse Andre Nordgulen, CIO

  • Discovery workshop
  • Understanding your business needs
  • Clear strategy and successful implementation
the results

"We found a highly-skilled partner in" developers stock image

The entire project completed to a very tight deadline

“We found a highly-skilled partner in, who could turn our unrealistic ambitions on deadlines and implementation into a cost-effective solution, resulting in profound benefits across the entire value chain.

As a first step, NextGenTel saved two million Norwegian Krone overnight in our new agreement with, who managed to implement the entire platform project to a very tight timeline, in only half the time of the previous provider.” - Lasse Andre Nordgulen, CIO 

  • Tight deadlines met
  • Two million saved
  • Quicker than competitiors
  • Cost-effective Project manager stock image

"We have higher quality in the sales pipeline, delivery logistics and invoicing"

“NextGenTel’s results from switching to SugarCRM are already profound after the first year. It has given us an immediate overview and transparency into the core of our business.

Today, we have clear business insights due to the hugely-improved data quality. We have higher quality in the sales pipeline, delivery logistics, invoicing and increased customer service using fewer employees with this new, more automated platform.

Due to the automation, we also see fewer mistakes in pipeline and delivery – and we manage to identify problems before they affect our customers. Now we let the platform do the work with better insights, sales – with happier clients as a result” - Lasse Andre Nordgulen, CIO 

  • Clear business insights
  • Fewer mistakes 
  • Improved data quality
  • Happier clients