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Timothy Taylor’s is a brewery located in Keighley, in the heart of Yorkshire. Dedicated to traditional brewing methods, their cask ales and beers, found in pubs and supermarkets across the UK, maintain the same quality ingredients and processes as they always have.

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Like many traditional brewers, Timothy Taylor's wanted to modernise the way they work

Timothy Taylor’s continues to stay true to the original craft methods for beer, but up unto 2017 operated in a very traditional way too. 

Its sales process, while personable, made leveraging knowledge of businesses and data of potential clients difficult. Experiences with clients were confined to sales teams individuals notes, and in some instances, to memory.

This was particularly challenging for any new team members as there was no centralised location to transfer knowledge from. They always had to start their work from scratch.

It was time for a change, so they set about finding a CRM solution to modernise its data process.


A flexible CRM that utilises centralised data & reporting, fit for a countrywide business.

As a business that requires sales representatives to be spread across the country, Timothy Taylor's found SugarCRM, a system that caters to this need perfectly.

The activities of the entire team are now tracked in realtime, with notes and orders, from anywhere in the country.

Reporting has also given rise to more data-driven decisions that compliment the people-first nature of the business.

Underpinned by enable's configuration, the solution, as described by its Sales Director Paul, has overhauled their throughput. It has been instrumental in the brewery's growth, taking its marketshare from 2% to around 6% since implementing it in 2017 despite the rise in the number of competing manufacturers. 

The system's intuitive, it's easy to use. I can email enable and get an email back straight away. I'll tell them in non-IT speak what I think the problem is, they understand what I mean, and then solve that problem. If it's something that's not obvious, somebody phones me back straight away, and then we'll just have a conversation to be totally clear, and then enable's team get it sorted out.

Paul Matthews, Sales Director, Timothy Taylor's
CONTINUOUS assistance

Continued support throughout its CRM journey

After the implementation phase of the project, enable established a line for support with Paul (pictured) and his team at Timothy Taylor's.

Now, any of the team have the power to contact enable's helpdesk team when a problem occurs, and receive a prompt response.

We have also continued development together to continue optimising and automating the sales process and wider business. 

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