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Landor loves the simple complexities of our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

Landor stands for brand. They live it. They breathe it. They build it. They drive it. With many awards up their sleeves, it’s no wonder they are the best in the world at what they do.

Founded by Walter Landor in 1941, they have been using insights and imagination to help their clients grow for over 76 years. They work with a broad range of world-famous brands including Barclays, BP, FedEx, Google, Huawei, Kellogg’s, Kraft Heinz, Procter & Gamble, and Squarespace. 

Being part of WPP and such a massive brand themselves, they need their behind the scenes operations to be slicker than slick. Their old custom-built CRM had started to hold them back, their ways had become clunky, and it was increasing the time tasks took.

Users see this (old CRM) as a platform being enforced onto them, so they’re not getting value out of it – they’ve built their own ecosystems around it – they’re inputting data into multiple places and losing time.

Annika Brüls, Project Lead, Landor

What did they want?

Landor wanted a new, shiny replacement for their well-loved CRM. Before they looked for a supplier, they spoke to a huge number of their employees from various departments and countries to see what practical functionalities and customisations could benefit the different teams. This analysis helped give them a comprehensive view of what their business needs were and how best to serve them.

Their analysis created some very bespoke requirements that didn’t exist in standard CRM offerings. Many companies couldn’t (or wouldn’t) help, we love a metaphorical puzzle that needs solving so dived into research to see if it’s something we could do. Not just do, but do well. Guess what? We could. We knew it would be a challenge, but our teams were up for it.

Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted how much work goes into making these changes possible. How often do we use software and stop to think about the human that helped make it possible? The clever humans at made the humans at Landor very happy, and have kept them happy for many years now. A special shout-out goes to Ben in our projects team who has helped the Landor team since day one – he’s gone above and beyond and epitomises values to the core. Well done Ben. are a BIG part of making this a success.

Annika Brüls, Project Lead, Landor

The main benefits Landor saw by choosing us are:

  • The saving of time was definitely the most impressive for Landor.  
  • Cost savings – the upkeep of the old legacy CRM ended up being more costly than the shiny new one.
  • Bespoke modules, reporting and other functionalities made to fit Landor’s requirements.
  • It created an open platform where people can learn from each other and share projects.
  • Friendly humans to help every step of the way.
  • Creates centralised processes, rather than scattered all over the place.
  • Drives strategic decisions on data, making it everything more accurate.

In a world of constant transformation, brand is the fuel for innovation and growth. For your brand to be strong, you need all your cogs well oiled, that includes your choices of computer software and support – we can help you. 

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Want to find out more about what Landor do? Here’s a link to their website. Want to book a free consultation to find out how we can help you? Click here!