Landor Success Story

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About the company

Founded by Walter Landor in 1941, Landor works with a broad range of world-famous brands including Barclays, BP, FedEx, Google, Huawei, Kellogg’s, Kraft Heinz, Procter & Gamble, and Squarespace. 

The problem

Landor wanted a new, shiny replacement for their well-loved CRM. Before they looked for a supplier, they spoke to a huge number of their employees from various departments and countries to see what practical functionalities and customisations could benefit the different teams. This analysis helped give them a comprehensive view of what their business needs were and how best to serve them.

Their analysis created some very bespoke requirements that didn’t exist in standard CRM offerings. Many companies couldn’t (or wouldn’t) help, but we dived into research to see if it’s something we could do. Not just do, but do well. Guess what? We could. We knew it would be a challenge, but our teams were up for it!

The solution

The upkeep of the old legacy CRM ended up being more costly than the shiny new one, plus, Sugar came with all the functionalities that the business required. And, with helping them every step of the way, they benefited from expert guidance.  

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Annika Brüls
Project Lead
" are a BIG part of making the implementation of our new software a success".

Hear from Landor's Project Manager