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150 employees getting the information they need in real-time, powered by SugarCRM.

The Abbey Group is a collection of travel companies, including Abbey Ireland & UK, Moloney & Kelly Ireland & UK and Abbey Conference & Events. Forty-two years of experience has meant that The Abbey Group can provide exceptional tour packages to a host of clients around the world.

Established in 1978, Abbey Ireland & UK is an award-winning Destination Management Company with offices in Dublin, Edinburgh and London. They provide a range of group and individual travel services in Ireland and the UK, working exclusively with the travel industry.

Abbey Ireland & UK’s pain points – turning unorganised notes into intuitive data

Before investing in any piece of software, Abbey Ireland & UK had business files stacking up in people’s desktops and drawers which were full of information that needed managing. They were looking for a centralised system that pulled all of their client information into a database that everyone could view in real-time. The requirements that Abbey Ireland & UK needed in a CRM was to take client bookings, record and update client information, tracking opportunities, coordinate their sales events and creating sales reports.

For a long time, it was challenging for Abbey Ireland & UK to find the right solution that would provide value for money and complete efficiency for their business. They started off with no software whatsoever and moved on to use a free CRM called Insightly, which wasn’t powerful enough for their business. Ray, Abbey Ireland & UK’s CRM Manager, said, “we were looking for something that gave us more benefits for the money that we were going to spend. We didn’t want to buy Salesforce because it was too expensive. SugarCRM was just the right price.”

Why provided more than just a solution

Abbey Ireland & UK started by purchasing SugarCRM through another UK & Ireland partner. After a year of slow replies and issues that weren’t getting resolved, they decided to look for another UK partner. understood our vision with confidence. They provided value for money and responded to our enquiries quickly. We’ve always had a good relationship with them, from implementation through to development and support.

Ray Queeney, CRM Manager

SugarCRM provided Abbey Ireland & UK with a database for all of their employees to access information on their clients with the click of a button. Their Sales, Business Development and Customer Service departments are predominantly using the CRM system, and they’re looking to get their Contractors using SugarCRM in the future. For a busy Sales team, Abbey Ireland & UK needed a CRM that can create easier reports that feed into informative dashboards. Attending many travel events meant that Abbey Ireland & UK needed a CRM that could be used on the go, with limited or no internet access.

How Abbey Ireland & UK was set up for continued success understand that the work doesn’t stop once you’ve implemented a CRM system. Organisations need support, and they want to get the most out of their system and the money they’re spending.

Abbey Ireland moved to from one of our competitors because they wanted to be looked after throughout their CRM journey. We helped them with their implementation, support, development, upgrades and projects. Ray mentioned, “Our Project Manager was brilliant; she explained every step of the process to us. It’s always been important to us that we get quick responses, and always get back to us straight away. It’s the best CRM experience I’ve ever had.”

For a company that started by using isolated Excel sheets, we have transformed the way they work. Now, all of their data is centralised, and they can track each stage of their sales process. Not only does SugarCRM helped them automate processes, but they also use it as an organisational tool for sharing information.

The next steps for Abbey Ireland & UK and

Recently, Abbey Ireland & UK have upgraded to one of SugarCRM’s latest products, Sugar Sell. Over the next few months and going into the new year, Abbey Ireland & UK are enthusiastic about learning more about advanced dashlets and reports. They also use our marketing automation tool, mautic, and they’re eager to look at the integration between that and SugarCRM.

I would recommend to any organisation; I only have good things to say about them! Our relationship has always been strong and I’m glad we have them as our UK partner for SugarCRM.

Ray Queeney, CRM Manager

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