Email Marketing

Marketing automation uses emails to communicate with contacts. Mautic lets businesses create stunning and unique emails easily through the integrated email builder. These emails provide key information to such as read rates and click through rates, and also allow for dynamic content to personalise the communications the customer receives.

All of these resources work together create a personal profile on each contact tailored to their interests and needs and provide businesses with relevant information for building a strong profile.

Emails can be created within campaigns and other list activities. Emails provide a means for direct interaction with potential customers, clients, and contacts. Emails can be created as;

Template Emails A template email is automatically sent by campaigns, forms and point triggers. These can be edited but cannot be sent to a contact segment.
Segment Emails A segment email can be manually sent to selected contact segments. Once the email has been sent, it cannot be edited. However it can be sent to new contacts as they are added to the associated segments.
Custom Emails A custom email can be sent to just one contact and can be based on an existing template or created at the time.
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Fully Customisable Templates

Create emails from scratch with Mautic’s intuitive email editor, or design your own templates and start sending professional, mobile-ready communications within minutes.

Email Automation

The visualised campaign builder allows users to create multi-touch automated emails by segment, or send ad-hoc email blasts when you have relevant information to share with large groups.

Optimise and Iterate

Improve email performance by incorporating A/B testing and real-time reports on key metrics to understand which tactics perform better, then adjust to improve conversion rates.