Utilising the Doc Merge feature in SugarCRM

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The Doc Merge feature in Sugar pulls data from your CRM records and merges it into document templates without you having to leave Sugar.

What is the Doc Merge feature?

The Doc Merge feature enables you to quickly export contracts, quotes, NDA agreements, form letters, labels, and more. You can design your custom templates and, by using the Doc Merge feature, create individual or multiple documents in minutes. This powerful feature will save you time producing documents within Sugar while linking these to Sugar records for future reference.

Sugar Doc Merge Feature

Creating a merged document template

Doc Merge templates are Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents that include Sugar field references. The Doc Merge Template Assistant tool helps you find the fields and data you want to include in your merged documents and is the easiest method for creating templates. 

Launch the Template Assistant by clicking the Doc Merge widget in Sugar’s footer. The Template Assistant will open in a new window allowing you to create a customised professional document. With this functionality, you can:

  • Insert lists or tables of data from related Sugar records.
  • Place a custom-formatted date stamp in your template. 
  • Apply calculations, logic checks, and formatting to your data. 
Doc Merge Template Assistant

The functionality of the Template Assistant

The Template Assistant, accessed from the top of the Doc Merge Widget, facilitates creating Document Templates by allowing you to select module fields from Sugar and copy them to your system clipboard for use in a DOCX, XLSX, or PPTX file. There are several elements to the Template Assistant to explore.


The fields tab allows you to copy the codes for Sugar module fields to your system clipboard and then paste them into a document template. Select a module, select one or more relationships and then chose the fields you want to add to your documents or search for specific fields. You can then paste each copied field into your document template to enable you to create your customised document. 

Date Stamp

Using the Dynamic Elements sections you can add a date stamp to your document. Select a module from the drop-down menu and select ‘date’.  You can then customise the date format or add a custom date. The formula will display in the text box, allowing you to click ‘Copy to Clipboard’ and paste it into your document. 


Create a list of related module data in your document by using the Dynamic Elements section. Start by selecting the module from the drop-down menu and choosing the option ‘list’. You can then select the fields to sort the list and decide on the order for it to be displayed. The formula will be displayed in the text box where you can copy and paste it into your document. 

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