How to Choose a VoIP Business Phone Provider

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On the hunt for a new VoIP business phone system provider? Whether you’re tired of your current system, or you’re new to internet-based telecoms solutions entirely, selecting a provider for your business can be a daunting task.

With a vast selection of providers in the UK alone, you’re spoilt for choice when shopping around for a new solution. And while it’s tempting to settle for the first one you find, choosing the right provider could make or break your business’s success.

But fear not, our simple guide highlights the major factors to consider when searching for a new business phone system. With our tips, you’re on the right track to choosing the VoIP provider that has everything your company needs.

But first, what is VoIP?

Good question! VoIP stands for Voice-over Internet Protocol and is the acronym given to voice communication systems that bypass traditional copper cables and use the power of the internet for transmission.

It works in a similar way to voice calls made over popular apps like WhatsApp, using your device’s internet to send and receive the call in real-time. And soon, it’ll be required if you want a landline in the UK with the announcement of the ‘the big switch-off’ in 2023.

There are plenty of reasons to make the switch now for all UK businesses. We’ve highlighted in a previous blog why your business needs a VoIP system.

Onto our guide for picking the right VoIP provider for you.

1. Assess Your Requirements and Budget

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Before you start researching VoIP solutions, it’s important to determine how many users and lines you require for your business phone system. Unless your company is a call centre where lines are always in use, the number of lines should be less than the total number of users.

Once you have an estimated figure for each, you can use this ballpark figure to research VoIP prices and determine an appropriate budget. Most VoIP providers set their prices per user, so if you’re a corporate business with hundreds of users, you can expect a larger price. However, if you’re a small business keen to grow, keep in mind that your number of users may increase over time.

2. Highlight Essential Features

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Accompanying any VoIP system is a list of great features that enhance the software. From call recording to online chat, highlighting the features your team will need is important. Most providers separate their pricing plans by features included (see enableVoice pricing as an example) and once you know which features your business needs, it’s easier to select the perfect package.

Key features to consider include:

  • Call Recording – Great for training and quality assurance.
  • Voicemail to Email –  Transcriptions of voicemail messages sent to email.
  • Online Chat – Communicate via quick chats seamlessly.
  • Internal Screen Share and Video Call – Hold online conference calls and company meetings.

3. Check For Compatibility and Integrations

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If your company requires the utmost adaptability for your VoIP system, you’re going to want to scour the market for a flexible solution that can effortlessly integrate into your company’s existing processes. For example, if your employees operate on a hybrid or remote basis, you’re going to need a VoIP provider that provides handset and softphone use (mobile and desktop). 

Integrating your business phone system with other apps is a great way to keep all of your work operations connected. Whether that’s integration with your team’s email system (Outlook, or Gmail), or integration with your CRM software (SugarCRM), finding a provider that can easily connect everything together helps your team find all their calls and customer information in one place.

4. Prioritise Security and Reliability

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Limiting access, using VPNs, and performing software updates are just a few things you have to think about when it comes to securing your business’s VoIP system. When searching or speaking with a potential VoIP provider, it’s essential to find out about their security practices. Your provider should be able to implement security measures such as authentication, VPNs and encryption to keep your company’s phone conversations and data secure.

You will also need to consider the level of dependability when choosing your VoIP solution. This includes hosting services that you can rely on and rerouting services in case your business loses internet connection. And while you may not want to think about things going wrong, choosing a provider with in-house hosting and overall expertise will make your life much easier.

5. Make Sure it's Scaleable and Future-Proof

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All businesses are looking to grow, and it’s important to implement software that’s able to expand with you instead of holding you back. If you’re hiring for sales or customer service, it’s crucial that these new team members are able to join the current VoIP system with ease. The last thing your company needs is a complicated process every time you onboard a new employee.

6. Find a Company with Customer Support

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Imagine in three months’ time, after your VoIP phone system is installed, you face an issue that none of your team members know how to fix. And while you may have a skilled IT team in-house, it’s still important to choose an experienced VoIP provider with a reliable and easy-to-reach customer support team.

Not only do support teams fix problems, but your chosen VoIP provider should also train your team on the system, facilitating complete adoption across the entire business. Switching from one VoIP system to another is daunting for all companies, so having a friendly and knowledgeable customer service team at the end of the phone is imperative.

7. Start with a Demo or a Free Trial

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Before you jump in with a new provider, it’s important to test the waters and see if the phone system is right for your business. If any options provide a free trial or are willing to go through an in-depth demo, take that opportunity to get as much information about the system as possible. 

Considering adoption is important. How well is your business going to find the switch? Are they going to struggle with how complicated the system is? Or, are they going to adopt the new software with ease? Free trials and demos allow you to answer these questions and see firsthand how the platform works and how it can work for your business processes.

8. Choose the VoIP Provider You Can Trust

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It all comes down to trust. With a reliable provider, you can work without worries knowing that your VoIP system is always at the top of its game. Select the VoIP provider that not only has everything you need, but is always reachable if you ever face a complex problem. 

Remember, the right provider can improve your communication efficiency and contribute to your overall business growth – so, choose wisely!

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enableVoice is a UK-based VoIP phone system for businesses of all sizes. Our in-house experts and reliable support team are here to help you implement a transformative VoIP system for your company. With features like call recording, free UK and landline calls, voicemail to email, UK-based hosting and SugarCRM integration, learn why enableVoice might be the VoIP provider you need.

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