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ATG saved over 1,000 hours of manual work and avoided a cost of £650k+ by using SugarCRM.

About the company

Automotive Transformation Group is a recently-formed company comprising of GForces Web Management, Autoventura, and Salesmaster.

These three companies join the dots of automotive e-commerce, creating the ultimate organisation to facilitate financing, inventory and website systems.

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ATG needed a system that centralised data

After merging the three companies, ATG required a single source of truth; a system that allowed them to centralise all of their data and pick up where they left off. The most important requirement was a single pipeline, used for planning timelines, resources, targets, budgets, and performance.

The merge of companies raised the internal investigation into whether they should all migrate to Salesforce or continue with SugarCRM. However, GForces Web Management’s strong relationship with and their powerful, bespoke SugarCRM system made the decision inevitable. Automotive Transformation Group decided to stay with SugarCRM.

Another reason for this was the cost. If they had moved over to Salesforce, the estimated cost of migration and licences was over £650,000. Staying with SugarCRM saved them this cost and instead allowed them to continue with the dynamic system they had through

THE SOLUTION A system for their whole organisation

Automotive Transformation Group identified that SugarCRM manages its processes completely, from prospecting to onboarding. Chris Laird, Sales Director, says that SugarCRM and are ‘absolutely essential’ to the business’ operations.

The executive team are able to see key insights with SugarCRM’s customisable dashboards. KPIs, sales performance, revenue, and other important metrics are available at a glance/ Reports on key sales data are automatically sent to the relevant team, giving a daily snapshot of the pipeline. This saves the time and effort associated with manually building and sending out reports.

Custom dashboards
Important metrics
Key sales data
Centralised processes
custom development

Intergration with enableVoice

GForces Web Management were also an enableVoice (VoIP) customer; using the seamless integration between this and SugarCRM allowed their telesales to work with ease. This integration automatically logs inbound and outbound calls, provides a pop-up Call Manager window to show you who’s calling, and makes call reporting and monitoring easy.

When asked what his favourite features of enableVoice were, Chris said they are the mobile app and the clean integration with their SugarCRM system. It allows their team to work from home when needed, without any of the usual interruptions and inconvenience.

Other integrations used by ATG:

  • Jira
  • BusinessCentral
  • Sage