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How to capture signatures on desktop or mobile with

Digital signatures are pre-programmed or written directly onto documents online. They can be more secure than physical signatures because they require an email password to access, or they are signed on a device that requires an extra password. Digital signatures also leave an auditable trail that shows where a document was signed thanks to IP addresses and activity records. 

There is the well-known fact that electronic devices help to reduce the amount of paper used in the workplace. Departments that require a lot of hybrid collaboration or need to re-sign updated contracts will benefit from fast online document signing tools.

A signature signed remotely can also speed up the recruitment process in a company, helping HR to secure a candidate before they are head-hunted by a competitor. can collect manual signatures, where customers move a mouse or use their finger to sign a box. And the possibilities don’t end there… Read on to find out how you can give your customers an accessible experience to submit their information.

Build a form

Start by clicking the blue button on your workspace, and ‘New Form’.

Screenshot of create form option on forms

Next, rename your form to suit your project.

screenshot of form being renamed

Click ‘Edit Form’

screenshot of form main menu

Here, you can add questions to the form, name them and edit the contents.

screenshot of creating modules in forms

Add a signature capture box to your form

To create a signature module, click the blue plus and select ‘Signature’.

press signature

Within this module you can rename the question or input specific instructions. You can select if the signature is required or not by clicking the ‘required’ checkbox.

label the signature question

Once this is done, you can click the blue ‘Publish’ button on the top right.

click publish

This will produce a URL  that you can share in various ways. To do this, copy the link below the ‘Share via link’ field. If you can’t find it, click the ‘Share’ tab. Once the link is copied, you can paste it into an email campaign or in a personal conversation thread. From there, users can click the URL or copy and paste it also.

Screenshot of URL copy link for form

There are many other social media sharing options available via this page. If you click the ‘QR’ option, a QR code will be generated and you can save it by right clicking and ‘Save Image As’. Once you have the QR code saved, you can add the image to a letter, email or website page – which could also be password protected! It’s likely you won’t need so many passwords.

Screenshot of form QR code to save as png

Signing a form on desktop

These form links can then be opened on desktop emails, or through messages on customers’ phones. If they open it on their desktop, the signature module will appear like below. In order for the signature to be captured in the form, it is essential that the signee clicks ‘Done’ below the box before submitting. It will save a lot of time and error if you mention this in the instruction or the question.

moving video of signature being written on form

Signing on mobile or tablet

A client can open the form with the app, or without. If they click the link, the signature capture will appear, and they can rotate the phone to write their signature on the phone screen or tablet.

It’s a useful tool if clients are multitasking or traveling and would like to close a deal as soon as possible.

If they don’t feel comfortable using their phone to provide their signature, they can use their mouse to sign the box while they are in the office or even use a trackpad on a laptop for a very realistic signing experience! It’s all about making a deal stress-free. No more pens running out of ink when you need them most.

Prevent Fraud and reduce paper use

Electronic signatures are harder to forge because there are complex stages to access the capture form. In, the data entered in forms across open networks is encrypted in transit.  You will ensure a signature is signed securely by enabling password protection on your form.

1. To do this, you need to return to the form home and click ‘edit form’ again.

screenshot of form main menu

2. Click the ‘Customize’ tab, then select ‘form restrictions’ on the right hand side. You can then create a password to be used, and also add a reCAPTCHA. This will apply a ‘checkbox reCAPTCHA’ after the user has proceeded through the password stage. To save these settings click ‘Publish’.

screenshot of form add password or add reCAPTCHA
This form is password protected
screenshot of reCAPTCHA on form signatures

The intelligence behind the checkbox reCAPTCHA takes into account the movement of the user’s cursor as they approach the checkbox to determine that they are human or a fraudulent robot. Sending the entire signature capture form link to a verified email address also provides another layer of security as the signee will have another password to enter to access their emails.

Viewing and downloading signatures on forms

Once the signature has been captured, you can click the ‘Form Response Viewer’ tab on the forms menu, and look through the responses. Clicking the ‘PNG’ icon downloads the signature as a .png file. This signature file can then be saved in a safe folder or added to the relevant document.

download signature

The future of signing ceremonies?

A great part of closing a deal is in the ceremony. Record companies sometimes post the signing of a record deal on their social media pages as a celebration. Signing digitally can offer a range of creative options, whether it’s signing on a branded tablet or signing on a rooftop without documents flying away. We wouldn’t recommend signing on rooftops!

It’s a great facility for getting information across to your colleagues and confirming that they have understood the information. If you have a designated signing device in-office or in stores, you can also supply a stylus pen to be used for an even more chic experience.

To gain further support and add signatures to your next project, contact our setup team here.

Thanks for reading.

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