Analogue PSTN phones to be replaced by VoIP in 2025

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The PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) is the analogue copper cable phone network that has been used in the UK since 1876. Back then, even transatlantic telegraphs operated via copper cables under the ocean – all well-and-good until they needed fixing.

By the 1930s, it was common for affluent households to have a telephone in their home, and more jumped on the bandwagon in the 60s when the answer machine was introduced, and then in the 80s when the cordless handset was invented.  As we headed into the 2000s, it was outrageous to announce that you didn’t have a landline in your own home. But are home phones on their way out?

In 2025, it’s reported that ageing telephone cables will be replaced by fibre ones, and phones will receive digital signals instead of analogue – it’s called the PTSN switch off. As a copper-line handset will not connect to the outside world without an adaptor in this case, homes and businesses will need to find an alternative to their traditional landline systems before 2025.

And that alternative is VoIP. Invented in the late 90s, VoIP software allows people to use their internet connection to make telephone calls from anywhere in the world, making this the most practical option for users to switch to as we approach 2025.

The benefits of switching to a VoIP system

Monitor call history - analyze the dates and times of client contact on your computer.

Access call recordings from calls taken on your business grounds or by remote workers.

IP addresses can help you track which calls were made from which of your offices

Allows caller ID and Call Control

Integrates with mobile phones and CRM systems

Less time spent dialling - more spent negotiating


FeatureVoIPPSTN Phones
Device Versatility (Smartphone, Laptop, Phone) ✔
Indoor/Outdoor Flexibility 
Range Of Reporting Functions 
Expensive Long-Distance Calls  ✘
Streamlined Call-Recording 
Secure CRM Integration ✔
Quick Dial Calls Anywhere In The World ✔


What other equipment will be affected in 2025?

In this day and age,  it’s a common resource for people to use their mobile phone if they are stuck in a lift. As phone lifts are operated by ISDN lines, these will also be switched off in 2025 so alternative emergency lift phones need to be wifi-friendly. Payment terminals, CCTV and door entry systems that are dependent on copper wires to send money or security alerts will also need some adjustments to prepare for the dates that the telephone networks are being switched off by British Telecoms.

Goodbye PSTN, Hello VoIP

If you are looking for your PSTN replacement for the 2025 PSTN switch-off, you don’t have to wait until then. Though the UK PSTN switch-off is scheduled for the 31st December 2025, we are offering 6 months free VoIP line rental for new customers of enableVoice until 29th March 2024. You can get your cordless VoIP telephones set up in advance, so you’re not rushing around weeks or months before the big switch off.

Enquire about enableVoice today.

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