Ensure that your business is fully prepared for Coronavirus

The situation

In the UK we are currently up to 36 cases of coronavirus, states the BBC News. As of 09:00 GMT on Sunday 1st of March, the Department of Health said a total of 11,750 people had been tested in the UK. 

36 cases out of 11,750 tests may not seem like much but unfortunately, at the moment, this number is only increasing. 

How can the IoT and CRM Work Together to Enhance Manufacturing


Technology is improving the way manufacturers run businesses day-today in the digital era. CRM systems can leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) to enhance end-to-end processes by connecting products, devices and equipment. 

What is the IoT?

In broad terms, the IoT is everything that is connected to the internet. For the purpose of this blog, we are mainly focusing on the fact that it represents things that talk to one another. 

I Am The New Sugar


The new SugarCRM Vision

“Our vision is to create a world where companies cultivate customers for life by anticipating and fulfilling needs before customers realize they have them,” said Sugar CEO, Craig Charlton. “We’re excited about the strategic strides we’re making to realize that vision for our customers, partners and the industry.”

Sugar’s new portfolio of customer experience applications consists of: