Alex Vrij staff photo

Hi, I'm Alex.

Manager of Professional Services

As the Manager of Professional Services, I sit at the heart of consultancy and outreach. We’re proud of the work we perform with a variety of use cases and clients. That’s the best part of my job – the clients! Getting to know people and seeing how we can help.

When I’m not driving the consultancy team, I dabble a little in development scoping and video production. Whatever niche I can find that’ll help out the team, you can find me there.



From a young age, I’ve been in awe of anyone who can create vast, captivating worlds that enrapture people. Writers, directors, artists; I’ve always wanted to join the greats who can provide escapism and joy to their audience. Therefore, I’m currently working on a book series that I hope to one day publish!

Apart from writing, my interests include learning Japanese (in hopes of living in Japan one day!), outdoor running and sandwich artistry. I make a mean BLT!

Professional Skills​

Solution Consultancy