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Software really is our forte. Our experience lies within architecting, building, and deploying systems; and then providing professional services and maintaining it with you. With businesses evolving so rapidly in today’s world, it’s crucial that your system can keep up with your requirements – and that’s why we use and provide SugarCRM. It’s a powerful, dynamic CRM platform that provides a core operating hub for your business.

Our SugarCRM professional services are tailored and customised to the individual company we are assisting with.  This is to ensure that your system is bespoke to your business. We take the time to fully understand what you want to achieve from a system.

Our SugarCRM scoping and discovery process

Our SugarCRM professional services team will first spend time with you to fully discuss exactly what you need, what your requirements are, and how you want them to be achieved. We look at your processes and understand how these can be reflected in SugarCRM. We’ll guide you through the process, suggesting and recommending ideas to contribute to an overall plan of action.  

After gaining a full view of your business within SugarCRM, we then decide on how your activities and tasks can be streamlined and automated. We work with you to strip back any unnecessary processes, and let SugarCRM take care of the more mundane, lengthy admin tasks – keeping your requirements at the forefront of everything we do, always.

Benefits of our scoping and discovery process:
  • Full access to the knowledge of our friendly experts
  • Demonstrations of the endless possibilities of SugarCRM
  • Suggestions and tips based upon our experience and your processes
  • Working examples of SugarCRM
  • A point of contact for any scoping queries or questions

Building your system

After planning out exactly how your system is going to look and operate, with your input and communication at every step, our development team begin to construct your system. We ensure to mirror the exact plans we drew up in the scoping and discovery phase with our project managers keeping you updated at each stage.

We add in all automations discussed, and integrate your other systems directly with SugarCRM.

Learn more about our automations and integrations.

Once the system has been built, we test it thoroughly to ensure everything is operating as expected. We make sure your original requirements, along with any updates or requests you have, are reflected in a fully functional, bespoke SugarCRM system that will revolutionise your business.

SugarCRM professional services

SugarCRM onboarding and training

At first glance, new software can be daunting to even the most experienced of users. It’s important that your users adopt to it from the very start. Luckily, with SugarCRM’s ability to be completely bespoke to your business, it makes it easier for them to adapt to the new system.

Our certified SugarCRM team have been assisting with SugarCRM for several years; taking your level of knowledge, your team size, your industry, your system specifics, and your pain points into account, and then working with this to create outstanding training sessions.

Our team to know your SugarCRM system, understanding your language and terminology, and then help you and your users to utilise it – whether you’re wanting a full walkthrough, or guidance and tips on the more advanced features.

Learn more about our training.

Our SugarCRM customer success programme

Once you and your team are fully up and running with your SugarCRM system, our customer success team are there to assist.

We ensure to have regular check-ins and catch-ups, giving guidance, assistance, and tips on any questions you may have. We’re also here to help with your licence renewal, organising everything in advance to ensure a smooth journey.

Read more about our SugarCRM customer success

We take the time to learn about your business and understand how SugarCRM can be leveraged to enhance your processes. We have a team of developers that can make SugarCRM do what you need, in an upgrade-safe way.

Ben Manning, Product Manager