Connor Davey staff photo

Hi, I'm Connor.

Senior Sugar Support Engineer

As a Senior Support Engineer at, my mission is to sweeten our customers’ experience with SugarCRM by providing top-notch solutions. I thrive on building robust connections between customers and code, unravelling the mysteries of how businesses use Sugar.


While Ipswich has been my lifelong haven, I can’t resist the siren call of new horizons, both within the country and abroad. My travel portfolio is a work in progress, and Japan is at the top of my list of exploration.

Before enable, I shouldered the responsibility of a gastro pub as a Courier, delivering not just plates of delicious grub but trust and reliability. I aim to bring that same unwavering reliability to my role at enable.

So, whether I’m debugging code or sampling the finest of nightlife spots, rest assured, the adventure is always alive when you’ve got me on your team!

Professional Skills​

Software support
Staring at trees