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The Buyers Guide to Marketing Automation

Buyers Guide

Marketing Automation is more than email marketing and it's more than lead generation. It's the bond between your customers and your brand. It plays a vital part in your business success so it's important that you know how to market and what marketing is used for. 

Mautic is used as the core marketing technology platform for many companies - the central hub where the marketing strategies get executed. The hub that takes in data from multiple sources, executes tactics based on that data, and then provides an analysis of the performance. 

CMO Secrets with Lindsey Christensen


Welcome back to year two of our popular blog series, CMO Secrets. Twice per month, we feature an exceptional Marketing leader from around the industry. Some names will be easily recognized, and others may be new to you, but every single one will have been hand picked for their experience and knowledge in the world of Startups, Technology, and Marketing. The questions are ours, but the answers are theirs – every word, shared without edit, from their fingers to your eyes.

Platform Comparison: Mautic to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pt. 5

Mautic Vs. Salesforce

Customer education and access to resources are extremely important for Marketing Technology. Product updates happen frequently, and solution providers want to help their users stay on top of communication trends and channels. In the final part of our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Comparison series, I have identified a major pain point with the SFMC tool. If you’ve missed the other four parts of this series, catch up here.

Platform Comparison: Mautic to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pt. 1

Mautic Vs. Salesforce

Hi Everyone. I’m excited to be checking in again. It’s been almost four full months for me here at Mautic. In my first blog post, I highlighted some initial impressions of the Mautic platform as I was working through my onboarding. Feel free to take a look here if you would like to read it.