Latest Integrations - Part Two integrations (2)

Following on from the last Integrations blog, there's so many more to talk about!

What other new integrations are there?

Copper CRM Integration 

Copper is a CRM tool that lives natively within G-Suite and you can integrate with it via When a lead is created, you can automate t to create an item in and then sync all future changes from Copper. See example below: Latest Integrations - Part One

blog 1 has been spending a lot of their time working on some super cool integrations for you all! 

So what's new in regards to integrations?

Jira Cloud Integration

Need a way to manage tasks, issues, bugs in your Jira Cloud and Now you can with our Jira integrated automations!

You can customise your recipe anyway you want to with the applicable fields- For example when an issue is created in a project in Jira, you can create it as an item on your board. See example of automation below: - November Feature Releases blog

As I'm sure most of you will already know, brings out new features weekly and November has been such a great month for new and exciting enhancements! 

So what are the features?

Board Enhancements

New Chart Types - There has been a variety of new chart types added so that you can create attractive looking charts with your valuable data.