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Did you know that only 2% of B2B Marketers use Marketing Automation to its Full Capacity...?

In 2019, studies showed that a massive one in eight were not using marketing automation at all, with only 28% not using many features of marketing automation. The chart below shows the overall effectiveness of Marketing Automation in businesses in 2016 compared to 2019.

Mi360 Mautic 3 is coming, get ready for some super awesome updates!


Mautic 3 is the next major update for Mautic, the world's only open-source marketing automation software! For the last few years, Mautic has only been releasing minor updates on the 2.x branch. The stable version of this release will be in February. 

Mautic 3 is a rebase of the code supported by full-time developers at Acquia, as well as open-source contributors from the Mautic community. The new version of Mautic will require a minimum of PHP 7.2.21 and MySQL 5.7.

Mautic Community Manifesto


Mautic is an Open Source Marketing Automation software. It has an extensive set of features and enables Marketing Professionals to do their work with ease, solving the pressing problems for engaging new clients.

The Mautic Community has been re-launched! Yay! You can get to it by going to:

The Mautic Community: That’s you!

The Mautic community is not an abstract animal. It is everyone who

Mautic community forums re-launched

Mautic Blog

It gives me great pleasure to share that we have just re-launched the Mautic community forums at

As many of you will know, most of the forums were disabled due to extreme levels of spam experienced in the past, combined with a lack of resources to deal with the problem.  Forums are an important place for the community to discuss topics, find help with problems, and to share ideas for the Mautic project, so having them offline has caused significant disruption.

What You Need to Know About CRM Marketing

CRM Marketing
What You Need to Know About CRM Marketing and Marketing Automation in 2019

It’s certainly an exciting time to work in Marketing and Sales.

It can be awfully confusing at times, too.

On the one hand, customers actually want to hear from you. But only if it means they get to interact with your brand in ways that are meaningful and memorable. 

They don’t want a sales call. 

They won’t read a marketing email.