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Discover's new Workload Widget!

The workload view allows you to see who's able to take on more work and who's not. This way you can make adjustments to prevent missed deadlines and burnout. 

With the workload widget, you can now have insights from multiple boards in order to make sure your team is set for success. This widget is a must have to enhance your workflow!

How does workload work?

To create a workload you need to ensure that you have a people column and a date or timeline column. 

The 5 Signs That Your Organisation Needs a Work OS 5 signs

Is customer experience at the core of your business? Are your teams struggling with agility and meeting deadlines? Do silos disrupt work processes in your organisation? If you have answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then a Work OS is right for you. 

A Work Operating System (Work OS) is a SaaS platform for teams to create workflow apps in minutes to plan, run and track everyday work. 

What are the main 5 signs that your organisation needs a Work OS?

Exciting features to come with the new 2.0 release! new features image

As you may have already heard have transformed themselves into a Work Operating System (OS).

Along with this transformation there are a lot of new and exciting features coming...

Subitems - has been working on developing sub items for all basic boards. The functionality included is; drag and drop inside subitems, support for basic filters, column's sort, subitem's sort, and performance improvements.