How to increase your Sales with SugarCRM whilst working remotely

enable and sugar

The COV-19 pandemic has unfortunately left a lot of companies worried about their Sales Pipeline. This is where Sugar comes in, Sugar is a CRM that empowers your Sales, Marketing and Service teams to collaborate across the entire customer lifecycle for more meaningful, memorable experiences.

At Enable we are a UK re-seller of Sugar, but not only that, we also use it in-house to streamline our whole Sales Process. Here’s some of Sugar’s core features that will help you to maintain great Sales performance whilst working remotely.

Did you know that can help you manage your Sales Process? is a modern and easy way to manage all of your leads, customer relationships, sales pipelines, and tasks all in one place! Your business will be more enthusiastic when it comes to collaboration and they will love the colourful views of data that has to offer!

With a variety of templates including Sales CRM, Partnership Management and Sales Assets you will be able to create boards with ease. 

New Sugar – From CRM to CX


Technology is getting faster, and easier to use.  As a result, everybody wants more from the companies that they do business with.  Your expectations of a world-class customer experience are rising with every iPhone release or new chatbot you encounter.  Whether you are the customer yourself, or the company working with the customer you want more from the technology sitting at the intersection of the customer and the company.  Not only must that tech be easy to use, but it needs to be a seamless and integral part of the whole customer experience (CX) with the company.