Have multiple currencies within monday.com formulas


Recently, we have had a lot of enquiries via our live chat about monday.com formulas. A hot topic is setting a value field dependant on Currency! We wanted to share our solution with you all so that you can get the best out of your system. 

So, how do you do it?

Step 1: Build a board containing your exchange rates. This has been set up on a date basis to allow for fluctuations in the exchange rate. 

The benefits of monday.com formulas

formula column

Are you missing the Excel formula and mathematic capabilities? Do not worry because monday.com has a formula column!

The benefit of monday.com's formulas is that you can make calculations across columns. It goes from a simple mathematic equation to more complex functions and formulas. A great thing about the formula feature is that it has no limitations. You can work out return on investment, sales, budgeting, averages, and much more!