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Did you know that only 2% of B2B Marketers use Marketing Automation to its Full Capacity...?

In 2019, studies showed that a massive one in eight were not using marketing automation at all, with only 28% not using many features of marketing automation. The chart below shows the overall effectiveness of Marketing Automation in businesses in 2016 compared to 2019.

Why it's time to switch your Marketing Automation System

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When you invest your money into a Marketing Automation platform you expect to see results, right? As a marketer, the system is meant to make your life easier but this isn't always the case. Sometimes we make the mistake of buying a shiny, new technology that may not necessarily be right for us. When this happens, it is a lot harder to admit defeat and start over with a new piece of software.

So what are the key indicators that you should switch your Marketing Automation System?

Welcome to the New SugarCRM

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Today we’ve made some announcements that will fundamentally change the way businesses utilise CRM. As you know, our recent acquisitions of Collabspot, Salesfusion and a business intelligence team have moved us firmly into the realm of customer experience (CX). Many of you are already seeing benefits – not just in sales, but the way you go to market and can offer additional value. We are deeply grateful for your loyalty and being the best part of Sugar.