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We believe that great hiring is based on building relationships with candidates. However, this is both time consuming and expensive. Teamtailor helps companies to overcome this challenge and make this easy. 

This whitepaper offers a summary of:

  • Employer branding
  • Candidate experience
  • The 'Connect' feature
  • How to stay organised
  • How to recruit smarter
  • How to reach more candidates
  • The Teamtailor app
  • Social recruiting

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Teamtailor Succes Story: Martin Kullberg

Martin Kullberg

Recruiter in Focus: Martin Kullberg, by Suzan Dil

“Our admiration for recruiters is never-ending. That’s why we want to put recruiters in the spotlight, to get to know them even more. This time we were curious about Martin Kullberg, the HR & Recruitment Specialist at Paradox Interactive. Paradox has been a leading global publisher of PC Games since 1999 and has had a great year with the release of the game Cities: Skylines.” Martin Kullberg

Teamtailor Employer Branding Whitepaper

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Teamtailor combines marketing, candidate relationship management and recruitment in one easy to use tool. It is the new way to attract, manage and hire top talent. Grow faster by focusing on your candidates. With quick onboarding, chat support and developer-friendly APIs you could be using Teamtailor to enhance your business immediately.

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