Lee Ingham, I have achieved a lot in my life...


Here at Enable, we wanted to share with you a personal blog from our Training Manager, Lee Ingham. We feel as though this blog is important to share because of this cherished time of the year where we remember all those who fought for our country during the war. 

I have achieved a lot in my life

Today I felt the biggest sense of pride when my 6-year-old daughter asked me if she could take to school my military medals so she could talk about her daddy in the Army.

How Aqua Dental grew from 30 to 300 employees


Aqua Dental is a dental chain that strives to offer Sweden the highest quality dental care with competence and comfort. This is made possible by recruiting the best talent – from dental specialists to administrative staff. Aqua Dental challenges the limits and norms that others take for granted and, in so doing, is an active player in the development of the dental industry.