Teamtailor ATS - Every Step Counts


Teamtailor takes pride in the fact that every step of the recruitment process counts. With their new feature "Reject Reasons" this means even the rejection process counts! No applicant is ignored.

It's called Reject Reasons!

"Reject Reasons" is split into two sections:

1. "Quick reject" gives you more control over how you decide to reject your candidates by customising a reject dependent on what stage of the process they are in, and in which job.

All of Your Recruitment Needs - Customisable!

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Teamtailor is a Recruitment and Marketing Platform, for those of you who didn't already know! 🤗 It is more than just an Application Tracking System. It combines marketing, candidate relationship management and recruitment in one easy to use tool. 

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Today we are talking about Teamtailor's amazing "Custom fields" feature! 🤗

How Aqua Dental grew from 30 to 300 employees


Aqua Dental is a dental chain that strives to offer Sweden the highest quality dental care with competence and comfort. This is made possible by recruiting the best talent – from dental specialists to administrative staff. Aqua Dental challenges the limits and norms that others take for granted and, in so doing, is an active player in the development of the dental industry.

Teamtailor Pages

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We’re introducing Pages, a feature that will make your recruiting better and even more fun. Let your creativity flow as you’re creating new pages for your candidates.  This is the easiest way to create a page full of content and modify it to your specific target group. By adding a call to action you'll be able to lead the visitors wherever you want them to go.

The sky is the limit with this one, let your creativity flow!