We’re on Sugar Version 10, and we love it!


Sometimes, you don’t realise you need something until you have it - and the new clean, refreshed functionality of Sugar is just the thing to upgrade your business.

Before rolling out any upgrades to our customers, we upgrade our system here at Enable first to ensure a smooth deployment. Doing this allows any bugs or issues to be addressed, while also letting us familiarise ourselves with it so we can tell you all about our favourite features. The upgrade was seamless and all ready for our users when we logged on in the morning. 

monday.com - November Feature Releases

monday.com blog

As I'm sure most of you will already know, monday.com brings out new features weekly and November has been such a great month for new and exciting enhancements! 

So what are the features?

Board Enhancements

New Chart Types - There has been a variety of new chart types added so that you can create attractive looking charts with your valuable data. 

The Latest Amazing Features From Monday.com


Monday.com has released a load of new awesome features this Septemeber! The features include enhanced charts, integrations, new board features, and mobile updates.

Enhanced Charts

Multiple data series on Chats and Dashboards

As you probably already know, you can visualise multiple data series in the chart view, now you can do the same in dashboards! 

Now you can track budgets to show actual spend vs planned, project status vs priority, and so much more!