10 Templates to Get Your Team Ready During COVID-19 Using monday.com

monday.com 10 templates

As more and more companies are switching their status to Work From Home (WFH), it can be difficult to know how to manage this uncharted territory.

Making sure your company is managing their health responsibly while keeping company goals and work schedules on track can be a daunting task— especially when you need to get everything set up in a matter of days.

SugarCRM: From Marketo to Sugar Market


The ultimate goal of a marketing automation platform (MAP) is to make you look like a superhero by streamlining marketing activities, increasing qualified leads and tracking marketing’s success.

What will you get from this free Whitepaper?

  1. 5 signs that signify it’s time to switch marketing automation platforms
  2.  A side-by-side feature comparison between Sugar Market and Marketo
  3. Step-by-step guide to switching marketing automation platforms
  4. Frequently asked questions

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The 2020 CRM Buyer's Guide

The 2020 CRM Buyer's Guide

The right CRM solution can help you deliver great results and long-lasting customer relationships. 

The 2020 CRM Buyer's Guide covers, (table of contents):

  • Note to Reader
  • CRM: The Competitive Differentiator 
  • Why Your Business Needs Great CRM
  • Demystifying CRM Technology
  • CRM Evaluation Checklist
  • A Blueprint for CRM Success
  • Success Metrics: A Checklist
  • Getting Started
  • CRM's Ideal State
  • The Future of CRM

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Did you know that monday.com can help you manage your Business Processes?


Business Process Management (BPM) is better when it's visual, monday.com offers all types of businesses a new way to manage their work.

monday.com is a great tool that empowers your team to work together effectively and happily... After all, it is very important to be happy at work! Saving time and money on processes that before seemed like a hassle, will now feel like a walk in the park. 

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