How Tetley Harris Went From 100 Accounts to 1,200 with SugarCRM


Have you ever stopped to wonder what would happen if your entire sales team were to pursue one big win after another, year after year after year?

You’d probably close some pretty big deals.

Given the long sales cycle that tends to precede larger corporate contracts, there’s a good chance you’d also miss out on all kinds of smaller, but potentially very valuable, opportunities.

No one knows this better than the marketing and sales teams at Tetley Harris.

Teamtailor Succes Story: Martin Kullberg

Martin Kullberg

Recruiter in Focus: Martin Kullberg, by Suzan Dil

“Our admiration for recruiters is never-ending. That’s why we want to put recruiters in the spotlight, to get to know them even more. This time we were curious about Martin Kullberg, the HR & Recruitment Specialist at Paradox Interactive. Paradox has been a leading global publisher of PC Games since 1999 and has had a great year with the release of the game Cities: Skylines.” Martin Kullberg

Carolina Industrial Trucks Lifts Sales, Saves Time with Hint

Carolina Industrial Trucks

Company Name: Carolina Industrial Trucks (CIT)

Headquarters: Charlotte, NC



Carolina Industrial Trucks (CIT) is a materials-handling supplier providing forklift sales, rentals, service, parts, operator training and warehouse products.  A certified dealer for three of the world’s top forklift manufacturers, CIT operates five full-service locations in North and South Carolina