GDPR Compliance with Mautic Marketing Suite

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Complying with GDPR using Mautic Marketing Suite

Mautic is the only self-hosted marketing automation platform out there that can replace most of the functionality of SFMC, HubSpot, and Marketo — including lead scoring, automation, and CRM integration. 

Download our whitepaper which discusses the consent to data collection, right to be forgotten, right to view data collected and general GDPR regulations for marketers and administrators.


Mautic White Paper-Marketing Automation for Distributed Enterprises Download

Mautic White Paper

Painless Campaign Execution For Your Entire Team!

Marketing automation doesn’t have to be the necessary evil that creates more pain than joy. With Mautic, it’s easier than ever to build email nurture campaigns, personalise messages, execute A/B tests and measure results. It simplifies marketing automation for everyone on your team, eliminating the need for dedicated, certified staff to execute your campaigns. As a result your team will be able to launch campaigns in minutes, not days, leaving more time to focus on the important milestones for reaching your goals.