How technology helped us increase our workforce by 25% during lockdown

How technology helped us increase our workforce by 25% during lockdown

During lockdown we were very grateful to increase our workforce by 25%, our family is complete, for now. Every one of the individuals we have taken on has brought their unique skills and personality to the company. 

Fortunately, we've been able to onboard everyone successfully thanks to the extensive range of tools and platforms we use in-house.

Subitems have just got even more powerful in and monday

Calling all lovers! We know that you adore subitems and they've just got even better! I'm going to take you through some of the new custom recipes that can now include subitems and hoe you can use subitems in the table widget.

With these awesome updates come a 'Subitem' category within the Automation store.

Where can you use subitems?

Subitems are now supported on a vast range of recipes, these are some of the examples:

How To Execute a Quick and Easy Sales Process sales process

The sales process can be long and overly complex if you're not using the right tools to execute it. A lot of companies struggle with their sales process because they haven't got all of their data in one easy to view platform. That's where we come in. At we are the UK partner for which is a super awesome sales management system! It can manage your sales process right from the very beginning, let me show you how.

As a leader, how do you implement accountability into your workplace?


As a leader, it is essential to know that all of your employees are accountable for their work, behaviour and decisions. 

What is accountability?

Accountability is about being able to take ownership over a task or a project, knowing that you need to get the job done because there may be other people who are relying on you.  It also involves taking accountability for the results and the outcomes of your work so that you can reflect on what's gone well and what hasn't.