Monday: Keeping track of newbizz opportunities

Monday Opportunities Blog

Before Monday I was tracking new leads through a mix of word documents with notes, calendar invites and emails.

Now I have everything gathered in one place with easy access for the rest of my team to follow the progress as well as contribute. As we are operating in 5 countries across the globe it's a huge help to have a board like this to make sure we're all in the loop at all times.

I use it to plot in new prospects and add status, notes, meetings, contact details etc.

Why would you recommend this template to anyone managing clients?

Supercharge Your Productivity With Monday's New Automations Blog Post Image has just got even better! We love the new and improved automations that save us time and supercharge our productivity within the boards by automating the more repetitive tasks!

Adding an automation to your board is really easy to do! Click on the automation button which is located near integrations.



Plan all your Social Media calendar posts

I needed a template with all the social media posts I would share a day/a week. I created a weekly template, with empty rows: I just knew I wanted to share twice on Facebook, twice on Pinterest, one time on Twitter, etc.

Every week, I duplicate my template and I start filling it with my posts! I add categories, and also already fill in the status "need design" - so that my designer knows what he has to design.

In the update section, I put my links, my ideas, my text drafts. My designer also posts his ideas directly in each pulse.