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SugarCRM creates streamlined backend processes for leading Education Technology company, WCBS.

WCBS specialises in providing game-changing integrated management systems to Independent and International schools. Their three core areas of service include admissions software, finance platforms and management information systems. WCBS sets out to support schools in delivering outstanding education as the leading supplier of world-class technology.

Choosing a CRM that facilitates collaboration and remote access

WCBS have hundreds of Schools on their customer list, and thousands of prospects, reaching every corner of the globe. They needed a CRM that helped them manage these opportunities and projects efficiently.

We spoke to Alex Williams, Operations Director at WCBS, about his experience with enable.services and SugarCRM.

WCBS realised that they needed a more efficient CRM when their in-house system was causing inefficiencies between departments. The software, which they had written themselves, didn’t allow them to access it remotely. This caused issues for the team at WCBS as they often carry out onsite visits to clients. 

They also recognised that there was no automation or workflow management; everything was separate and not flowing seamlessly from department to department. 


So, when they decided to look for a new CRM platform, they discovered SugarCRM. SugarCRM can be hosted on the cloud, on our servers, or on your own servers, which was important for WCBS during their decision-making process.

They chose to host their system on SugarCRM’s cloud. This meant that they could access SugarCRM from anywhere without any prior configuration. SugarCRM also offers offline capabilities and has a free mobile app.

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WCBS also wanted its CRM to be used by more departments within the business. They knew that SugarCRM is scalable, so it could be extended out to each team.

When we first met WCBS, they were with a former SugarCRM partner. We were recommended to them by SugarCRM itself as the Trusted UK Partner. They then transitioned over to us in a smooth and seamless process with no issues or disruption.

Customising and tailoring the system

SugarCRM offers a range of built-in tools to help you customise your system quickly and efficiently. WCBS used these by creating new modules, fields, and workflows. This allows them to record accurate information and boost user adoption – the easier it is for your team to use your CRM, the more they will use it. 

WCBS rely heavily on SugarCRM’s process definitions as it allows them to manage, trigger, and delay different events. These are built using SugarCRM’s Business Process Management function and they increase accuracy and efficiency for WCBS whilst saving time spent on manual tasks. 

We can also provide sandbox environments to practise these customisations, so you can make any amendments needed before deploying the changes to your live system. This also helps you to develop your SugarCRM skills! WCBS use their sandbox environment to test their new modules and fields to ensure that they are suitable before changing anything relating to their real-life data. 

WCBS also use a range of different add-ons and packages to enhance their SugarCRM system. One that they find particularly helpful is a survey add-on. This allows them to create target lists to send the survey to, build and change the questions, and get the feedback quickly and easily – all within SugarCRM.

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Creating a seamless workflow between departments

SugarCRM has had an extremely positive impact on WCBS’s everyday operations.

It has helped each department to work efficiently with each other, reducing paperwork and saving time. 

If you’d like to achieve the same within your organisation, we’d love to help.

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Departments within WCBS that use SugarCRM:
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Support
  • Data Services
  • Tech

Getting a high-level, sharable overview

Alex, being Operations Director, uses SugarCRM to get a high-level overview of everything he is responsible for. 

WCBS’ pre-sales process and information are stored entirely within SugarCRM.

It holds details such as emails and tenders, which are crucial to the Operations team when it comes to beginning the project. 

The Sales team create and manage their opportunities with SugarCRM. This helps them to then close the sale; once this is done, the associated project tasks are automatically allocated to the Operations team and any other teams involved. Once the tasks are delivered, this triggers the invoicing process.

When the Consultancy team conducts onsite visits, Alex uses SugarCRM to generate a report that displays data from the visit along with how the project is progressing as a whole.

He also uses dashboards to see the following KPIs:
  • Support cases open, closed and logged within a certain timeframe
  • Projects closed within a certain timeframe
  • Projects in progress

He can share this information with the rest of the Directors to give them a high-level overview of everything happening.

SugarCRM has increased our business efficiency and cross-departmental communication.

Alex Williams, Operations Director

How enable.services have helped

WCBS enjoys being part of our customer success programme, which includes regular contact and frequent reviews. They are happy to say that they have never experienced any significant issues, and any queries that they have are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner. 

They describe us as a trusted partner of theirs, with our knowledge and advice being credible and accurate.

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