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‘We make light work of looking after you’
What a clever slogan for a franchise shutter company!

Shuttercraft is one of the UK’s largest, award-winning bespoke shutter and blind franchise companies. They expertly install premium, made-to-measure shutters and blinds that transform homes up and down the country. They pride themselves on always offering a local expert for their customers.

Their franchise business means the local fitters have the autonomy to confidently run their own business with the security of having a head office who will help take care of a large part of the marketing, administration, sales and day-to-day operations.

What problems did Shuttercraft need help to resolve?

Shuttercraft’s franchisees had a blinkered view of information and it lacked consistency between each franchise business owner. Reporting was different for each staff member, and it was creating silos of information which hindered collaboration. The franchisor needed vision of everything from a head office level; however, the franchisee only needed the data that pertained to their business. 

It was challenging for Shuttercraft to find the right solutions; a franchise business has diverse quirks compared to most other companies, so bespoke software solutions that work well together are a must.

We lend a helping hand (or several) 

We are as helpful as possible when customers face their business choices. Shuttercraft was no different. The understanding of the processes and the solutions themselves were made easy. Shuttercraft were taken care of by one of our Project Managers, Ben.

Ben’s Project Management team took all that technical, acronym-filled talk and simplified and adapted it to Shuttercraft’s language; in a way that was relatable to their business needs.

How did we get there?

What started with a new CRM system quote back in early 2017 evolved into Shuttercraft having all their solutions in one place with us. 

Following a guided set up, they decided on an enterprise-level CRM, as well as our VoIP solution so their business phones are fully integrated with the CRM.

Shuttercraft also opted to take our marketing automation platform, adding huge value to their franchise business. Head office can create the templates, and each franchisee can send bespoke, personalised, targeted marketing to their database. This has created joy for their teams, which makes us happy!

All these solutions working in harmony have resulted in Shuttercraft delivering better customer service. Their consistent 5-star ratings across every geographical location speak for themselves. 

The individual franchise businesses have all fully embraced using all these software solutions. That’s down to the incredible support from the friendly team at…

… feel like an extension of the Shuttercraft franchise business. Their patience is lovely – they’re so understanding. They have helped us make the right decisions for our business, saving us money, processes and time.

Lisa Stead, Franchise Manager

To hear more from Lisa, watch our video

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