Sam O'Hara staff photo

Hi, I'm Sam.

Video Marketing Producer

If you see any of our videos, I was probably the one that put it together! Any time I’m not producing video content at enable, you can usually find me brainstorming ideas with colleagues, coddling the coffee pot, or debating which biscuit to dunk in it (Biscoff, of course!)

I also raise money for Mind UK in my spare time, having received over £3000 in donations since mid-2020 via my Twitch stream in my spare time.



I’ve been all over the country throughout my working career, from the bustle of Manchester City Centre, to the serenity of the valleys that surround the Welsh countryside. Now in the middle ground of town life, and with my degree in Film and TV, marketing experience and passion for video, I’m bringing that knowledge and passion to the forever shifting world of IT in Ipswich.

Professional Skills​

Caffeine to Blood Ratio