Joe Barker final

Hi, I'm Joe.

Apprentice Helpdesk Support Engineer

As a Software Helpdesk / Configurator at, my role is to help customers with any problems that seem to be happening on their systems and solve anything I can so that the customers are able to continue using SugarCRM efficiently.



Before working at enable, I worked in a large variety of different industries, from shops, to the gym and also on a building site. Joining enable has been fantastic though, especially after passing my level 3 apprenticeship.

Alongside working at enable, I also have my lovely daughter to go home to and have lovely cuddles with, as well as my wife and my little dog. Despite that, I am newer to the team than a lot of others, I have definitely taken my place as the work Dad amongst my team. I look forward to continuing working my great colleagues and helping the customers as best as I can.

Professional Skills​

Customer Support
Work Dad