Bradley looking at the camera with back to a tree

Hi, I'm Bradley.

Marketing Executive

Having learnt the various software offerings and their functions, I now take an interest in putting those solutions in front of our audience in a professional and presentable format. 

I take pride in continuously broadening my skill set while empathising with our customers’ perspectives. This view often guides me in crafting online content that will resonate deeply with our audience, making sure to address their needs effectively.


Outside of work, I really enjoy playing tennis (or at least trying to) with my friends and occasionally taking a victory. If I don’t have a racket in my hand, I’m most likely either looking for the next recipe to cook or planning my next trip away.

Food is something I really enjoy as is exploring new places as often as I can. Of course, it could be said that combining those two things together makes for an even more enjoyable time!

Professional Skills​

Customer Support
Disney enthusiast