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We understand that choosing a CRM solution can be a daunting process because there are so many options on the market. Through our CRM consultancy service, we help businesses recognise the positives and negatives of different software solutions. Our goal is to ensure that you’re buying a CRM for the right reasons, focusing on the impact it will have on your organisation. With over 20 years of experience, you will receive the best service from our team of CRM experts.

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  • Guided experiences for sales reps, leaders, and administrators
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  • FREE 1-hour CRM Consultancy Session
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    Our CRM consultancy services

    Helpful and knowledgeable CRM Selection

    Our team of experts offer guidance when it comes to choosing your CRM. We identify the key features you need and find the perfect system to match. Focusing on your goals and aspirations, we take the time to understand where your business is going and how a CRM can complement your processes to achieve results. After choosing your solution via our consultancy, we support you through the entire process, from implementation to onboarding and training. 

    Seamlessly switch to a better CRM

    You may already be using a CRM that doesn’t meet the requirements of your business; we’re here to help you switch. We understand it can feel like a scary process to migrate all your data into another system and learn how to use it. However, with help from and our CRM consultancy process, we do all of the hard work for you. We have a technical team of developers, project managers and support personnel who will help you with every step of the process. As well as that, communication is vital for us; we make sure you’re updated throughout your switch to another CRM.

    Developing your CRM strategy

    Before, during and after you’ve invested in a CRM solution, we help you continuously develop your CRM strategy. We believe that you should understand the true purpose of your CRM and how it affects your business. Your CRM must strengthen collaboration between your sales, marketing and customer service teams. During our CRM consultancy, we show you how your system will benefit every department in your company. After outlining your company’s goals, we’ll identify your customers and understand your buyer journey. This information ensures that we can set you up with a CRM strategy and solution that is future proof for your business. 

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    Supporting you with Professional Services

    We understand the true flexibility of CRM; therefore, we help several businesses customise it to their exact specifications. After the CRM consultancy session, we spend time scoping out how software can benefit your business processes. After this, our team of CRM specialists can build your system, onboard your employees and train them. Once you’re set-up, we have a customer success programme in place that will have regular catch-ups with you to ensure that you’re getting on well with the software solution you’ve chosen. We also have a SugarCRM support team who will help you with any technical queries. 

    Our Partnership with SugarCRM

    We partnered with SugarCRM in 2004; since then, we’ve loved seeing how the business and products have evolved. SugarCRM is a powerful Customer Relationship Management platform that aligns your Sales, Marketing and Service teams. By using SugarCRM, you’ll become more aware of your customers, who they are and what entices them to purchase. Improve efficiency and communication with a CRM that does the work for you. Make more data-driven decisions with analytical tools that show you what works, what doesn’t and how to replicate your wins. SugarCRM delivers a high-definition customer experience, and with our CRM consultancy, there’s no better investment for your business. 

    The difference:

    We are trusted by the UK’s leading brands to provide exceptional CRM consultancy and solutions. Our values ensure that we stand out from any of our competitors.

    • Let’s start with trust – We understand how important it is for an organisation to trust their CRM providers. We make sure we’re honest and transparent from the very first CRM consultancy session.
    • A passionate and specialist team – Our employees have a great passion for everything they do, and they’ll always ensure that you’re happy with the service you’re getting. One of the many great things about is that we give back to our employees, meaning that we get put through product training and industry qualifications. 
    • Teamwork makes the dream work – We are more than just a team; we’re a family. We see all our customers, partners and suppliers as an extension of the enable family; we care deeply and believe this is what sets us apart. 

    As a software company based on the outskirts of London, we take pride in being your UK partner for whatever product you choose to purchase. Many CRMs are founded in another region, and we understand how important it is to have a local point of contact, someone you can talk to face-to-face, on the phone or via email. Our infrastructure team ensures that your data is kept in a fully GDPR compliant and ISO certified centre. We also have secure Tier 3 data centres, which are backed up four times a day to provide secure and reliable UK hosting.

    What industries have we helped?

    At, we help various businesses, showcasing the different industries within our success stories. Which ever her you’re a ten-man Energy Company, Government Agency, Charity, or a Marketing Agency, we can help and support you with your technology requirements. 

    Landor loves the simple complexities of our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, SugarCRM. Landor’s main benefits from using SugarCRM are saving time, saving money, using bespoke modules, creating centralised processes, and driving strategic decisions. 

    Learn more about how we helped Landor

    30-day SugarCRM Trial Access and CRM Consultancy Session

    We are here to help your company succeed by creating a CRM strategy that your whole business understands. Regardless of the size of your company, we ensure that the CRM you choose fits your requirements perfectly. Our CRM consultancy session offers you an hour of our time to discuss exactly what you’re looking for. 

    The team at are so supportive. Our CRM and marketing automation fully underpin everything (and more) that we need to achieve as a business.

    Lisa Stead, Shuttercraft

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