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A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform is, to millions of businesses all over the world, the most crucial tool they use. It is the backbone of a successful, streamlined business operation, giving you everything you need to stay one step ahead.

With so many CRMs to choose from, it’s vital that you select one that can fit your business requirements perfectly. That’s why SugarCRM is the #1 Rated Customer Experience Platform, empowering you and your team to develop long-lasting relationships. When you let the platform do the work, you know what your customers need before they do.

Starting at 3 users, SugarCRM offers a variety of solutions focusing on different elements of business; however, all with the critical values of customer service, collaboration, efficiency, and productivity embedded heavily within each one. We can show you how this can transform your business. has been a leading UK partner of SugarCRM for over 16 years, building and implementing SugarCRM systems. We focus on your requirements to build a carefully created SugarCRM solution. This gives you the tools you need to build lifelong customer relationships and outstanding customer service.

We enable you to grow, with passion and mutual trust. We also develop add-on packages and plugins to enhance SugarCRM’s functionalities. These provide added features and can be customised to your business requirements. From start-up businesses to government entities, we have proven our ability to implement SugarCRM systems for companies all over the world.

Learn more about how we can help you build the perfect system.

Core features of SugarCRM:

  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • Activity Management
  • Lead Management
  • Account Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Quote Management
  • Contract Management
  • Customer Service Management
  • Email and Social Marketing Automation
  • Business Process Automation
  • Highly Customisable and bi-directional API

Sugar Enterprise can structure your business thoroughly, right down to the very last process

Sugar Enterprise is a complete CRM platform that incorporates all functionality needed to drive a business forwards successfully. Through an intuitive, user-friendly interface, you can create profitable customer relationships whilst continuously improving through detailed analytics and reporting. Sugar Enterprise includes powerful Quote Management, meaning you’re able to easily create quotes from categorised line items, using drag-and-drop functionality and custom PDF templates to export quotes in the customer’s choice of format quickly.

You’re also able to work within your preferred currency whilst accommodating the customer’s currency within the same proposal. SugarCRM supports more than 30 languages and gives your team the ability to work from anywhere.

Sugar Enterprise also provides you with visibility and predictability into your overall performance; you can see all sales details, such as your top performers, quotas and targets, pipeline management, and forecasts. Paired with SugarCRM’s dynamic reporting, this will allow you to make informed, data-driven decisions to boost your business.

You can also fully track your leads. You can convert them into opportunities with a single click, designing specific rules to route the information to the most appropriate salesperson. For example, this can be based on area, team, size, or industry.

Sugar Enterprise includes a self-service portal, giving your customers an easily accessible knowledge base to go to when they need assistance. They’re also able to raise support cases from here, saving both you and the client time and improving efficiency. SugarCRM’s portal can be completely personalised with your branding to keep synergy within your business and also from the view of your customers.

Contact us to find out more about how Sugar Enterprise can create a stable, reliable CRM system for your business.

Are you in Government? We are on GCloud 12 and will be on GCloud 13 when it comes out on the 9th of November 2022.

Are you in Government?

We are on GCloud 13!

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Sugar Sell drives sales and boosts revenue, and increases customer retention

SugarCRM created Sugar Sell so that you can fully hone in on your sales; increasing deal quantity, quality, and velocity. Sugar Sell is a flexible, time-aware Sales CRM solution that guarantees an excellent user experience whilst providing you with what you need to build and maintain lifelong relationships. It allows you to use past data to uncover opportunities and trends to up-sell and cross-sell, whilst using its built-in Renewals Console to automate your subscription-based business. It includes a Product Catalogue, an intuitive Quote Management system, and SugarBPM; SugarCRM’s famous automation feature. It’ll ensure that you’re never missing an opportunity whilst giving you the tools your team needs to maximise their deals.

Use Sugar Serve to provide an outstanding customer experience, every time

Sugar Serve is another of SugarCRM’s dynamic, customisable solutions. This Customer Service CRM includes the features that matter the most to support and service teams, creating the best customer experiences and making sure they have everything they need. With a built-in Service Console, you can ensure that cases are going to the most appropriate person through escalations and smart routing, along with being able to analyse, in-depth, the details of your service with readily-made reports and templates. The sleek, streamlined user interface allows for easy navigation, meaning cases are solved more quickly. These features function seamlessly together to allow for better response times, resolution rates, and customer experiences. 

For me, the beauty of SugarCRM is its flexibility. In my role, I am privileged to work with companies who are seeing the benefits of using it as a platform to centralise their data. I’ve seen businesses have that ‘Eureka!’ moment as they realise that another arm of the business is incorporated seamlessly into their system.

Ben Manning, Product Manager

Sugar Market will put you one step ahead with its advanced functions and capabilities

Sugar Market is SugarCRM’s all-in-one marketing automation platform that effortlessly aligns your Sales and Marketing teams, increasing engagement and driving revenue. It’ll give you a central hub to manage campaigns, create landing pages, qualify leads through customisable scoring models, and build emails, forms, and content. Built-in SEO tools make it easy for prospects to find you by optimising your website for search engines. It’ll break down how you rank and then provide an actionable checklist of recommendations to improve your position and ensure that your brand is recognised.

In addition, you can also use Sugar Market to manage your social media, all from one single platform. You’re able to schedule tailored and relevant posts, prompted by suggestions based on your top keywords. Sugar Market also includes A/B testing features, a built-in survey solution, dynamic content features, segmentation, ROI tracking, and sales intelligence. All of the information discovered can be logged and tracked in SugarCRM directly. This means a 360-degree view of the client is always available, whenever you need it. You can create a personalised customer experience, which in turn will increase repeat business and customer retention.

So, whilst Sugar Market may focus just on the element of marketing; it’ll revolutionise your whole business in turn.

Establish close customer relationships with SugarCRM

Regardless of the size and industry of your business, establishing and maintaining relationships with customers is critical. SugarCRM ensures that your customers are engaged and being interacted with, allowing you to keep on top of everything. It also provides you with the opportunity to increase customer retention rate and create personalised experiences, in turn boosting revenue and overall performance.

SugarCRM gives you a full, 360-degree view of every customer. It’ll show you the emails exchanged, calls, meetings, any related quotes and opportunities, support cases, financial details, marketing activity, and associated contracts and documents – to name a few!

You can effortlessly map out customer journeys, starting from the moment a lead is generated to when they receive an experience satisfaction survey. You will see, at every single stage of your process, what is working and what needs improvement. It’ll also give your team the insight they need to come across as professional and knowledgeable when interacting with the customer, as everything they need will be right there in front of them. Sustain close, engaging client relationships by using SugarCRM.

Get the most out of your data with SugarCRM’s analytics and reporting

Analytics are a massive, crucial part of any business – having data is excellent; however, if you’re not using it to its full potential, it’s almost not worth having. With SugarCRM, your information is recorded, tracked, monitored, and then reported on and analysed, all within a few clicks.

You’re able to detect any changes in critical metrics, so you’re always one step ahead and prepared to take action, hugely reducing risk.

You’re also able to report on data from any period, using SugarCRM’s time-aware functionality to help you understand how past performance can improve future activity.

SugarCRM offers many different types of reports, giving you the flexibility to view your data in the most appropriate way possible.

Also, when these reports render as charts, you’re able to drill through to see the corresponding records for full visibility and detailed insight. They’re simple to make and share, meaning that your team can collaborate more efficiently.

Use SugarCRM’s flexibility to create a system specific to your company

SugarCRM is a platform, meaning it’s entirely customisable to you and your business.

You can quickly and easily change and adapt field names in SugarCRM to match your company’s terminology, which will encourage your team to adopt the system quickly. You can also choose what field types you wish to have on each record. Our favourites include drop-down fields, which make it simple to input information. Calculated fields will save you time and effort by using formulas to work out figures, and multi-select fields allow you to apply more than one option to a piece of data.

You can also create custom modules within SugarCRM, giving you the freedom to mould the system to your business needs. Each of your modules can work together to build a company-wide image of all activities; past, present, and future.

The team at are so supportive. Our CRM and marketing automation fully underpin everything (and more) that we need to achieve as a business.

Lisa Stead, Shuttercraft
Benefits of SugarCRM’s customisation include:
  • High user adoption
  • Easier to use and navigate
  • The system can hold your data perfectly

Moreover, SugarCRM gives administrators the ability to control user access by building roles and teams to establish a robust security system. With different user types, this creates a secure, organised system by ensuring that everyone can see what they need to see at all times. It will mitigate security concerns and reduce risks by setting access based on user job roles and your company’s policies.

With our skilled Product Managers and Consultants, we can turn your feature request into reality, ensuring that your system does everything you want it to, and more – contact us to learn more.

Integrate your systems to build a central hub for all of your processes

It’s of high importance in today’s world that your time is not wasted by switching between platforms, entering data in, more than once, and manually syncing information. We understand that one solution may not be able to do absolutely everything. So, that’s why we are proud to say that we can integrate SugarCRM with almost anything.

Our experienced SugarCRM architects will design a seamless plan to allow your systems to function in harmony with SugarCRM, allowing you to decide all the details with our extensive guidance and tips. You can change something in one tool and magically see it update everywhere it needs to.

Some of our favourite SugarCRM integrations include Xero and Sage. With these, you can relate invoices, credit notes, and purchase orders to the relevant items in SugarCRM, as well as directly converting quotes to invoices. Marketing automation platform integrations are hugely popular, such as GoCampaign and MailChimp. Subsequently, these give you visibility of a customer’s marketing interactions without even opening the other software.

You’re even able to integrate SugarCRM with Voice over Internet Protocol, saving you vast amounts of time and effort. For example, one of our favourite features is click-to-dial. Therefore, this means you’ll never need to enter a phone number again manually. It also gives you a pop-up display within SugarCRM for all inbound and outbound calls. This allows you to link calls to cases automatically.

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Gmail
  • DocuSign
  • Sage

SugarCRM even offers an interfacing tool – Sugar Integrate. This provides pre-built API connections and templates that support even the most complex integrations, giving you even more flexibility and enhanced functionality.

So, let us know what systems you use, and we can show you how they can work in harmony with SugarCRM.

Save time and effort whilst removing errors with automation

We understand that your time is precious, and in today’s fast-paced world, teams need to work smarter – not harder.

This is where Sugar’s automation comes in – helping you to make more efficient use of your time. For example, one of the most popular Sugar automations includes, when a new lead comes through to SugarCRM via a web-to-lead form on your website, it will be routed automatically to the most appropriate salesperson depending on the information they give. You’re also able to automatically schedule calls, generate tasks, send email notifications, and create opportunities, all without any manual effort. As a result of this, you can focus on the work that matters.


Automating complex processes removes the risk of error, meaning you no longer have to double and triple-check your data. SugarCRM’s workflow tool, SugarBPM, means that you can effortlessly configure these automations so you can plan out exactly what needs to happen at what time. SugarBPM is visual and easy-to-use, avoiding confusion and removing the usual stress of building workflows. That is to say, powerful process management is an innate feature of Sugar.

We have worked with for nearly five years, implementing and developing CRM for our multinational business. With an experienced team and instant phone support, we have a system that gives us the tools we need to drive the business forward.

Peter Jones, HepcoMotion

Our SugarCRM training makes onboarding and training a breeze

Software solutions can seem complicated at first glance, and getting your team to adapt to them can be even more challenging. However, our certified team can help you to learn the ins and outs of your system, whilst giving you and your team advice and tips on how to use it to its full potential. Our training is always fit to precisely what you want to learn – whether that’s beginning from the basics or a full session on SugarCRM’s advanced reporting. Our SugarCRM training sessions are recorded, allowing you to share your learnings with other team members, or to look back on to recap your new skills.

Similarly, we also provide resources and documentation whenever you need them, with a dedicated Customer Success team on-hand for any questions or queries you have.

Our Support engineers are here for you

We have a team of friendly, helpful support engineers who are here to help you when your SugarCRM needs a little assistance. Our variety of support contracts means that whether you need help with technical issues, how-to questions, or server support, our team is there for you via several different channels, meaning they’re always easy to reach.

Above all, we understand how important it is that your SugarCRM system is operating how it should. Therefore, our extensive guidance and tips make sure our response and resolution time is rapid, keeping you updated at every stage. We want you to succeed, and we know that SugarCRM can make that happen.

Learn more about our SugarCRM support and how we can help you by contacting us.

Let us take away the stress of hosting your SugarCRM system

Along with designing, building, and maintaining SugarCRM systems, we host them too! Hosting is a crucial part of CRM that’s sometimes forgotten. That’s why, with enable cloud hosting, we manage it for you on secure, reliable servers.  Our hosting means that your SugarCRM system will be easily accessible from anywhere, providing you have an internet connection. So, it is especially helpful for your team when they’re out on the road, or if they’re working remotely. We’re proud to say that enablecloud hosting means that your SugarCRM system is within our Tier 3 UK data centres, all completely GDPR-compliant and ISO certified. In addition, we even have secure Linux servers dedicated to each platform.

Benefits of enable Cloud hosting include:
  • Backups four times a day, including one offsite backup
  • Network redundancy giving you maximum availability to your data
  • Secure Connection using SSL (https)
  • Reliability – we’re proud to say that we have successfully maintained 99.9% uptime on all of our servers for over 15 years!

Contact us to learn more about hosting SugarCRM on the enableCloud.

Venture away from your desk with SugarCRM's mobile app

We know that, in today's world, being limited to a desktop is very confining. Whether you're online or offline, SugarCRM's app gives you all of the information you need when you're on the road. Native device integrations are included, such as click-to-call and GPS mapping, allowing you to thrive from SugarCRM's benefits, wherever you are in the world. Let's talk more about how SugarCRM's app can enable you to work from anywhere - book in a free session.

Did you know

SugarCRM won PC Magazine's Business Choice Award for Best CRM four years running!


How SugarCRM led Landor to success

Landor is an award-winning marketing and branding company founded in 1941. They work with a vast range of world-famous clients, including Barclays, BP, Huawei, and Kellogg's. Their operational systems need to be streamlined, advanced, and powerful. Together, we built a custom SugarCRM system for Landor to use at the heart of their business, giving them the flexibility they needed.

Read more about how Landor used SugarCRM to drive success.

  • Bespoke modules were made to fit their requirements, making it easy for them to get the data they needed, whenever they needed it
  • It created centralised processes, keeping everything in order and consistent
  • It helped them to make strategic decisions based on data

Not only do we partner with and implement SugarCRM, but we also use SugarCRM in-house as our central system for all activity – a prime example of how it is used to run a business entirely. We've found that it has transformed what we do, in terms of sales, marketing, customer service, HR and compliance, administration, finance, and configuration – along with the wide range of customers we have also helped to do this.

We'd love to show you how SugarCRM can transform your business for the better. Turning slow, manual processes into sleek, streamlined operations is what we're best at – you can book in a free consultation where we can discuss how we can help.

Fiona Pratt - Admin and Accounts Manager

Fiona Pratt - Admin and Accounts Manager

I use SugarCRM every day to organise and manage my administrative processes. It holds all of our documents, such as contracts and invoices, meaning we have a centralised place to use - which is perfect for collaborating with my colleagues, especially when we are working remotely.

Contact us to find out how SugarCRM can help you