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Our team has created a selection of SugarCRM add-ons and integrations to enhance the platform and transform the way you work.

New and existing Sugar customers through enable.services can use all of the below plug-ins for FREE, for 1 whole year! Contact us to start your free year.

enable Last Activity

  • Instantly see the last time an Account, Contact, Target or Lead was contacted via email, call or meeting
  • Create reports to see which customers haven’t been contacted in a certain timeframe
  • Notifications to alert your sales team of abandoned leads

enable events

  • Manage all of your events and bookings right from SugarCRM
  • Create landing pages for both accepting and declining invitees
  • Design email invitations and reminders with custom templates

enable KPI

  • Measure your team’s or an individual’s sales performance
  • Compare sales against monthly targets
  • See which members of your team are performing the best at a glance

Dynamic Target Lists

  • Provides a list of contacts based on data fed from your reports
  • Updates lists automatically to add and remove contacts over time
  • Works with Mailchimp, Hubspot, Sugar Market and many other email marketing platforms

Google Places

  • Adds an automatic address lookup to all of Sugar’s address blocks
  • Autofills the rest of the address for you, removing the need for manual input
  • Works with international addresses, no matter where you’re based
enable VoIP for SugarCRM add-ons

Call Manager

  • Sugar + enable VoIP integrations
  • Allows you to see who is calling when the phone rings
  • Manage call records in real-time

More add-ons by enable.services:

  • Activity Stream Filter – Checks before the API call is completed and disables Sugar’s Activity Stream temporarily
  • Coloured Tags – Allows tags to be assigned colours in the Tag record
  • Country Dropdown Field – Provides the Country field in Addresses as a preset dropdown rather than a free text field
  • Creditsafe Connector – Receive Creditsafe information straight into Sugar including financial data and company information
  • CSAT Module linked to cases – Automatically send customer satisfaction surveys when a case is closed and store customer responses
  • Document Mass Uploader – Upload multiple Document records in a drag and drop format
  • Easy Add Note – Add notes and attachments to records via a custom button
  • enable forms – Create questionnaire forms and collect responses within Sugar
  • enable giftaid – Adds the ability to record and process Gift Aid donations in Sugar
  • enable Engineer – Enables offline capabilities and cross platform views
  • enable Portal – Custom portal to configure and build as per customer requirements
  • enable Projects – The new projects and projects item modules, as used in our own Sugar
  • Geo-Location – Allows geographical locations to be stored and viewed within Sugar
  • Invoice Generator – Provides a new Invoice module and the ability to create an invoice from a quote
  • Note Mass Uploader – Upload multiple records in a drag and drop format
  • RAG Fields – Creates red, amber and green field colouring based on pre-defined rules
  • Report Series Dashlet – Allows a total value to be displayed in dashlet for quick visibility (e.g. number of open cases)
  • Telephone Code Setter – Set the international dialling prefix on phone numbers based on Address Country
  • Time Logs module and Gerbil Time Tracker – Allows users to manage time/deadlines of tasks within Sugar

Seamless integrations by enable.services:

  • Sugar + Dotmailer – Integrations between SugarCRM and email marketing tool Dotmailer
  • Sugar + Mautic – Integration between SugarCRM and email automation platform Mautic (sync contacts and target lists)
  • Opacus Activities Sync – Synchronise your SugarCRM calendar with any CaIDAV enabled device or software
  • Opacus Outlook Plug-In – Archive emails from Outlook to Sugar, sync appointments and create cases from within Outlook
  • Opacus Thunderbird Plug-In – Archive emails from Thunderbird to Sugar