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If you want to jumpstart your monday.com journey then you’ve come to the right place. Although monday.com is super intuitive and user-friendly, we understand that there are some features and workflows that you may need a little more assistance with. 

We have lots of useful tips and tricks in our blogs on how you can use monday.com for different teams, but sometimes you’ll have a vision that you don’t know how to execute. That’s what enable.services are here for.

No matter what your goals are, we spend time getting to know you and your aspirations so that we can offer the best advice and training. 

Find out more about our monday.com training

We’ve worked with many different businesses, from many different industries, to help improve their use of monday.com and increase productivity in the workplace. 

Whether you’re starting from scratch or in need of a refresher, we offer a wide range of training workshops that focus wholly on you and your system. At enable.services we want our clients to feel confident in what they do.

Starting with a consultation – where you’ll get to know some of our monday.com trainers – you’ll be asked to answer questions that will  help us determine what it is you want to achieve. That might mean focusing on specific features, processes or workflows. 

Following this, we’ll decide on what level of training you need – we offer basic training and advanced training.

monday training

 In the basic training, we provide:

  • Introductions to monday.com – What’s the hierarchy and the different board types?
  • Guidance on board functionality – What are the different column types? How do you set up subitems? What are updates? How do you filter and view boards?
  • Information on monday.com features – What is the global search? What is My Work? What is the inbox? How do you set up your profile?

In the advanced training, we provide:

  • Automation support – How do you set up automations? How do you write a custom recipe? How do you set up dependencies and mirror columns?
  • Integration guidance – What are integrations? How does MS Teams and monday.com integrate? 
  • Dashboards and reporting toolkits – How do you set up a dashboard? What are widgets? How can you use charts to see your data? What’s the workload widget?

We also offer individual one-hour training sessions that allow you to focus on a specific feature or workflow that you want to improve.

Why book training through enable.services?

Since partnering with monday.com in 2017, our company has changed immensely.

Our operational processes have been revolutionised, transforming how we work and allowing us to streamline, organise and perfect every task, procedure and activity.

We currently have eight members of staff who are dedicated to monday.com and helping businesses achieve their goals. With five years of training teams to be the best, when you choose enable.services, you know you’re in safe hands.

Get in touch today to book your monday.com training.